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Shine, Spark, Confidence and much more . Sushmita Sen - the epitome of Feminism and independence .

Yesterday was 21st May, 2016 and it just marked 22 years of  completion that the 18 year old teen was crowned as Miss Universe in 1994. Yes, I am talking about Sushmita Sen, the first Indian to win Miss Universe title. I am not at all going to pen down her journey on how she became Miss Universe or like that. In some recent blogs, I just re-watched the video of her win though I watched it before for several times and then the admiration towards her which has been living in me since childhood was revived and poked me to write down for her who inspires me a lot. The ladies who show me what truly Feminism is all about, how it is to be like independent and of course the gist that marriage is not everything a woman should dream about. There are many things to do far beyond it. Of course I am not saying that marriage is bad, but I think we should get married only when we think that we are independent enough to take care of us and we are capable enough to give support to our parents & family. It is weird how people treat a girl in her 20's and insist to get married. It feels awkward when gossips twirl around you and people are excited enough to tease a girl who is not marrying and living her life in her own terms. Even the society has been teaching the young girls too to have marriage in their mind since the ages. Then there are few women, who are setting some benchmarks and inspiring million girls like me to slurp the essence of life and to believe in us and to live the life with much positivism and sheer happiness and Sushmita Sen is one of them.

Ahh !! Sushmita Sen is incomparable. She is just incomparable. When Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai won the titles Miss. Universe  and Miss. World in 1994 respectively, I was only 5 years of old. Very little. Even today people start comparing them. Who is better ? For me they both are incomparable. How can you compare two people who are totally different from each other. I love Aishwarya too. I have loved, still love and will love her beauty. And for Sushmita I would say I admired her, I admire her and will admire her for her personality. Sushmita Sen has taught me on how to live life on my own wish irrespective of the fact what society is telling. Though I haven't done anything great in life till now, but I try to make me happy and indulge in those activities which give me sheer happiness. At the age of 25, it needs guts to adopt a child. Sushmita Sen did it. She adopted her first child, Renee. Basically she kept her words which she uttered during the question answer round of Miss.Universe. Ignorant about the rat race of film industry, she chose to take care of her family, to campaign on girl child and then she adopted again her second child Alisah. How beautiful it is to utilize money and wealth by adopting children. Nothing can be as best as it is. She knows to love, she loves to love and spreads it through her confident smile. She starts talking and I feel like there she is the Shining Sush. When she speaks on Feminism, it reflects in her eyes. She is a wonderful mother, it shows in her. Feminism is not about dominating men or hating men. It is not at all about comparing with Men. It is all about breaking the social unfair norms and standing up on our own feet by doing something. Doing any work which can make us happy and others too. Doing something which makes us confident, which gives us some own identity. I can't thank enough Sushmita Sen for teaching me how to become a good human, how to speak honest, how to respect us as woman, how to spread love, how to love your passion and how to be strong and Smile confidently. Love you Sushmita. Love you loads.

This was the cover page of all newspaper. I clearly remember.

Keep inspiring us Sushmita Sen ... let me love the spark of confidence in you. Shining always. ♥♥♥
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  1. She is indeed incomparable. Beautiful and intelligent, nobody could hold a candle upto her.

    xoxo - Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche! - styleapastiche. com


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