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Reminiscence of Sandakphu - Wanderwomen's journey - Day 4 - Sandakphu, Gurdum, Srikhola

Well well well.. Let me check when did I post on Sandakphu for the last time? 15th May .. Oh My God !! I know I have been very irregular on my blog and I have so much to write too. Anyways.. read my last posts on Sandakphu here. DAY 1, DAY 2 and DAY 3

People trek towards Sandakphu just to witness one thing and that is the Sleeping Buddha escorted with The EVEREST. Even we had that wish only. But we had really a tremendous luck (cut the crap) and the weather was super cloudy and misty. Keeping high hopes we still went to check if we could. But the result was not that much pleasant. We laughed at us, sang some songs and then got ready for the down trek. But yes we made sure that we would visit Sandakphu along with Phalut someday again. 

We had to trek 18 kms down & of course that was not easy job for us as already our shoulders and knees were being loved by Volini every night. But when it comes to walk through forest and silent Jungle, all the pains just fade. It happened with us too. When we were gradually moving down, we realized that this was our best day of Sandakphu trek. The scenic view was awesome. Forest was changing its color time to time, it was changing its density even. The colorful Rhododendrons were nodding, bees and birds were making beautiful noises and the weather. The calm and serene weather was too romantic to sing songs. We walked, we sat, we ate and then we walked again. Like this (we too even had no idea) we reached Gurdum. It took around 6 hrs to reach there and the way we were starving, could be compared with the long lived hunger strikers .. We had noodles and rice and then bang on. Gathered more energy life and started moving for Srikhola.

Arpita Di and her Camera 

Chai busy clicking us

Our co trekkers

oh Daphne ♥

Besties of Childhood... Me and Naiwrita

I loved the color

Exhausted but look at our smile... Camera ready always

Can you spot Gurdum ?? We had to get down there.
Long way to go still

Like Secret world of Arrietty

Almost reached Gurdum

She was very warm. One of the NRI Co trekkers.

Road of Roses

Yay... Gurdum.. HALT

Khola means River I knew and from Gurdum itself, we could hear the sounds of falling water. As we were moving faster towards Srikhola, the sound intensity was higher. Basically I was tired saying wow each and every time. No people were around. We 5 girls were there only. Slowly climbing down and trying to locate the route of Srikhola. Our toes were tired. In downtrek, your knees and toes are the parts to be affected most. For us it was same. We walked, walked and walked. Then we met the dawn. Still we were in search of the route of  Srikhola. It was bit scary and adventurous to get lost in mid of the jungle and that too when the sun was set already. We had only one thing in mind, we had to reach. We followed the footprints of our previous trekkers and tried to locate the way. After few meters we were making sure that we were moving right or not. Then when we discovered the lights down, we were sure that we were on the right track. But the roads were too scary. Full of unstable stones, mud and risky slopes. Finally when we reached Srikhola it was around 7 PM. We cheered and smiled big.. Yes

On the way to SriKhola

That's all guys .. Will be back again with new posts. But when .. no idea ;) keep on reading.

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