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Reminiscence of Sandakphu - Wanderwomen's journey - Day 3 - Kalipokhri, Bikheybhanjan, Sandakphu

Phew.... Sometimes I really feel why am I keeping this blog.. After three weeks I am going to update on Sandakphu ... so irregular I am becoming on this. Time is the real culprit. Anyhow. Please don't get pissed off and I hope you will read this post in same excitement as you did for the last post on Sandakphu.

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After being so tired and exhausted and having the sumptuous dinner at Kalipokhri we really slept well. Last day we missed the Sunrise so at any cost we didn't want to miss that. We woke up early and walked till top to watch the Sunrise. The calm serene mountain was gradually getting up at the morning too. Ray beams were touching each peaks one by one. Sun came up. The bright orange Sun was marking the contrast in the deep blue sky of the morning.

Pic : Arpita di

After marking the event done, we went ahead and got ready for the toughest trek of this route (as heard before). We started walking towards Bikheybhanjan. We knew that we had to cover really short distance compared to last trek but as we started the trek, we were realizing that yes the paths were not that smooth. We could feel that we were hiking upwards. We started feeling the weight of our sack even more and while talking yes we found that it was gobbling our energy fast and with gossips and snacks we didn't even feel how we reached Bikhebhanjan... LOL .. We crossed 2.5 Kms very easily. 

Pic : Arpita Di

I tried hard and even ran after them. But phew .. couldn't catch anyone 

From Bikhebhanjan to Sandakphu.. 

At Bikhebhanjan.. yes 3.5 kms still

From Bikheybhanjan it was 3.5 KMS to Sandakphu. We were too positive to reach Sandakphu very fast. Because it was just 3.5 Kms. As soon as we started walking up, we found the trails really steep. I won't say that the trail were very rough and tough. But yes the steepness was really more. We still had much enthusiasm in us and we were busy cheering each other up. We walked, laughed, cracked jokes, halted, sat, watched the scenic view from each and every corner and then we again walked and then repeated the loop..   One thing I must advise to my readers, like if you have any plan to trek this trail or any other trail, make sure you are physically fit and your back is strong enough to carry your sack throughout the uphill and downhill trek & mostly carry dry fruits and chocolates as much as possible. It really helped us. Suddenly we noticed the change of weather. It was getting colder and mists were covering all of us. Our breathing issue continued and yes somehow we were coped with it. Later we didn't even feel that we were having any kind of trouble. We just enjoyed the trek too much. In the middle when we almost reached Sandakphu, we spotted a group of young men who were singing loudly "Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri.. Udera Jau Ki Dhada Ma Bhanjyang Resham Firiri ♫" and seriously that just encouraged us a lot. I started smiling so much. Just imagine, amidst the foggy mountains you are listening locals to sing the local song in chorus. So beautiful. & like this we reached Sandakphu and on reaching there we just spotted our GTA house .. Yippy ... 

Viraaj :P 

Pic : Sanjukta Di

Pic : Sanjukta Di 

Pic : Sanjukta Di
Cam : Arpita Di

Wait for the next post .. till then tata !! 

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  1. Lekhata bhalo hoyeche. Aro bhalo legeche karon on these very four days we four also trekked to Sandakphu and sometimes you were ahead of us and sometimes we were ahead of it is in many ways reminiscent of our own trek...carry on with writing.

    1. Hi I remember .. good to see you reading my blog .. thanks


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