Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Rain ♥

I love Rain.. I love the way it rains. Flawless and free. Alive but calm. I love the way it sounds persistently. The way it creates a temporary haze. I love how the trees move, nod their heads in simple harmonic motion. I love how the leaves flatter. I love to gaze at the reddish dark gloomy sky that sparks frequently as if the sky is breaking down and leaving all the sorrows behind and speaking through the lightening. I love to watch the sleek and wet streets and the shadow it gets for the lights over it. I love how the headlights of two/four wheelers carry the raindrops with themselves in speed and those umbrellas, they are amazing. Amazing to see people sharing it. Loving together and yes giggling aloud.  I love the drizzles that fall upon my face through my window. I love the way it clears out all my sorrows and bring a smile on my face and the breeze ? so romantic and pleasant.... I love how Rain fades all the agony and pain .. I just love Rain... ♥ ♥ ♥

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