Sunday, 8 May 2016

Big B - The GOD !!

Yes I knew that he was going to come in Kolkata for Kalyan Jewellers inauguration. Even planned to see him but anyhow wasn't sure about it. I went to Kolkata City Centre 1, Saltlake with my besties to have fun and lunch. After spending a quality time out there when we were about to leave for home, we saw RJs and anchors shouting infront of Kalyan Jewelers like after few minutes BIG B was about to arrive along with his Bengali wife Mrs. Jaya Bhaduri Bacchan. Now who will miss that chance ??? Come on !! Rushed almost and stood in  the crowd. Full of Police force, Security and media was covering the place and we were like when when when the GODFATHER will arrive ? After 10 minutes around, He came up into the stage with Mrs. Bacchan and then I realized yes he is the BOSS ... A persona that can trigger the adrenaline rush in the fastest mode within fraction of second and the excitement that comes while seeing him is speech-bound ... Mrs. Bacchan delivered her speech totally in Bengali and yes loved the Dhannyi Meye ... then Mr. Bacchan started his speech with sweet Bengali "Nomoshkar, ami bangla alpo alpo jane..." and continued with "Hum jahan khade hotein hain line wohi se shuru hoti hain...". On request he even delivered "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, namumkeen hain & Kabhi Kabhi dil main yeh khayal ata hain "... Ahh !! my voice is still choked as I shouted a lot with excitement.

So my Life is complete now ..

Watched SRK, Ganguly, Virat before and now BIG B .... ♥♥♥♥

#Jabra #FAN 

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  1. To see or to meet your hero is always special.
    Well done. I am also crazy about SRK...and will meet him personally one day.


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