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Endlessly in Love !!

Just like my few other blog posts on movie, again today I am about to start writing over one of my best ever love story viz romantic movie series. It happens with me quite a few times that right after watching some movies I don't get any words to describe my feeling. I sound so numb and keep mum. I guess my inner spirit takes time to feel those movie sequences and the story. My readers all of you know how much Movie devotee I am . I watch several movies, different kinds of stories but few movies take my breath away [No not taking the line of Berlin..Please !!] .. Most probably the slow movies just catch my attention. 

Ahh !! Blabbered much.. So today I am going to pen about Before Series, the Before trilogy. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. Starring Ethane Hawke and Julie Delpy. Frankly saying I never used to like Ethane Hawke. But I never knew that he could be too charming to steal a girl's heart. On the other hand Julie Delpy can make anyone mad with her casual blonde curls and innocent exposed sweet smile.

I don't know how many of you have watched it and known to the real fact behind this production. This trilogy was made for 18 years. Each movie was having 9 years gap in between. Before Sunrise - 1995, then Before Sunset - 2004 and at last Before Midnight - 2013. Director Richard Linklater connected this movie story line with real plot. To read the story click here. Though director ended up the movie in a bit different note from the real incident. I guess he might have been recreated the plot with his expectation, imagination and a thought from his wish. Anyways the question is why do I love this movie so much ??

Before Sunrise : This movie is really different from other so called Romantic films. I love all movies on Romance but this movie was like going on and on. It was like watching a real alive couple from this much of distance. It was more like feeling their nonsense, rapid talks which is not so surreal and can happen any times with any of us. If two people talk in a certain manner, the topics get highs and lows and also flip from here and there right ? Ethane and Julie were talking and sharing their lives though they were strangers to each other. They listened to each other, tried to say more and more in an endless way and obviously without any expectation, without any promise. They spent some quality times together listening to unknown fortune teller, reading up to a certain poem from an odd poet, grooving up ears with the local gypsy music and then playing games like Telephone Telephone where they confronted each other's feeling in such a different and classic way. Weird but beautiful. The movie was more like a movie. It was slow and so intense. I can watch especially this part endlessly. 

Before Sunset : Now this movie was after 9 years leap. Like the real time, director too took the same years leave. Celine and Jesse met up together after long 9 years. They were not strangers but still stranger. In 9 years their lives changed but the hidden feelings for each other didn't get over. They cried, suffered from anxiety, sentiments and emotions but they were still together and were hitched to each other by that invisible thread of commitment and again the journey went on to next movie.

Before Midnight : And again after 9 years, they were together forever. They were married and on a vacation. And like the other two this was also about having their on going conversation. Mixed feelings of joy, sorrow and different emotions made this movie up.Though personally I didn't like this part like I did for the rest two. But still as an end it was perfect to draw the finish line. 

Dedicating few lines :

I never knew about you BEFORE,
watched you one after another to explore...
I let myself to drown into your story,
to gain the ivory...
of the intensity between two strangers,
who never let them make apart 
from each other,
and ended up meeting rather ..
right after periodic years of NINE,
to rise and shine
in a Journey That Never Ends !!

P.S Plus I loved the beautiful Europe and the exploration of the cities by Celine and Jesse ... I always love this continent .. So ancient so old... so Classic and Golden.

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