Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Will my DRESS tell you that I am not Modern ?

A very wonderful topic Gaurav has posted this time. A very thoughtful and very well picked. Congratulations and Thanks both Gaurav for the #INDISPIRE topic.

The topic is 

If you value your traditions and culture, you're branded conservative. While modernity is judged by clothes rather than thoughts. What's you take on this topic?

First Question : What is the relation between Clothes and Modern Thoughts ?? No, I am just asking Does they have a systematic formula of being proportional or inversely proportional ?

My answer is Strictly NO... They are never inter related and neither these equations are true always ..

 Modern Thoughts = 1 / (Old fashioned Clothes)

Modern Thoughts = Modern and Trendy Outfits

So I just stated here that these equations are not always true. I could say that these are never true. But I know that the society, the culture we are living in are having different kinds of personalities, different kinds of thoughts, different kind of outlooks persist in this world. Hence it can not be stated that your vision is always hidden in your cloths.

For me Modern is that person who is always capable of accepting everything new, everything which is changing day by day. For me that person is modern who loves to adjust his/her comfort zone according to the circumstances of evolution rather criticizing it in negative manner. He/ She can be old and can wear the traditional typecast Saree or Dhoti, but can be very much modern from heart.. On the other hand a person who is the typical trendy and well fashioned by her get up, can be really conservative. So there can never be any judgement. Cloths can define your taste, your likes and dislikes but can not always be true to express your vision and thoughts. 

Hence, Judging a people just by the outer look is not right. Rather try stalking the heart.

P.S just wanted to share so writing one thing. My mother can be a very good example of this topic. She is my traditional 'Ma', always wears Saree and Red Bindi on her forehead, loves to live a very simple life. I have never seen 'Ma' to attire in so stylish way. Yes I know her profession was quite responsible for that. I have been seeing her in my own 'Ma' way since childhood. But I really get amazed by some of her thoughts which she shares and sometimes advises too. I have hardly seen so soulfully modernized woman at her age. I am not praising it because she is MY mother.. But as a person of my age anyone would tell the same and I am lucky to have her as my friend, guide and my MOTHER. On the other hand, I am a person of this Gen.. open to experiment with XYZ cloths, but still I am agreeing here, that in some of the cases I am a bit traditional and hold some old fashioned ideas which MA surely beats up. 

Just thought to share so shared this one !! 

Hence... My DRESS can not judge my outlook !! 

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  1. Apt thoughts !

    Loved the line: Rather try stalking the heart.

  2. A person who is accepting everything new (your definition of modern) may end up in the grave too soon. :)

    1. Tomichan ji ... Obviously with pure judgement !! You got me wrong !!


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