Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wake up .. !!

Today I am going to write up about those two recent Hindi movies which I should have written much before about. I was speechless at that moment and that's why may be my keyboard and my mind could not type a single word for both of these movies.

First of all thanks to Bollywood for producing such two wonderful self-esteemed movie on Women in recent days. We all women must watch these two movies every time just to respect our own esteem. We are no way lesser than anyone. Everyone has got some gifts from god. Everyone has some capabilities which are unique in their own way. But Indian culture huh !! ... From the old ancient mythological days we have been humiliated in all ways. Sometimes dominated as wife, daughter, sister and girl friends too. In all rituals, we have been forced to sacrifice more and that has become a tradition which we must follow right? Else what will other say ? Yes and we do it too..

Sorry getting off of the track. Let's just put the two names of those movies. These two movies are ENGLISH VINGLISH of 2012 and QUEEN of 2014.

1. English Vinglish:

This movie was about a woman who was humiliated mentally by her own husband and children. Why? Because she was too homely to be presented in the hi-fi English spoken society. Her husband used to ignore her. Her children used to insult her for not speaking English well. Only thing everyone used to expect from her to do the homely stuffs. Like the other Bharatiya Naris should do.. Pati Seva, Kitchen Seva and all other homely stuffs. Hope all my readers have watched the movie. And then her destiny took her into abroad for her niece's marriage and there she just changed her life and of course the level of confidence.She tried and learned to speak in English in crash course class. She just turned her weakness into her strength and she shocked everyone specially her husband in the last scene by giving a speech. I loved the movie because Sashi is none other than the housewives of India and the incident just happens with most of them. What we lack is the self-confidence and this movie just shown that every home maker has got something in them. So raise your confidence up to one level and Don't let others humiliate you badly. Because everyone should know that you are also a human and to be respected.

2. Queen:

Ahh this movie was tremendous for me.. I don't know but this movie was like.. it touched my heart in many ways. A typical girl from a conservative family who has always learned to obey everyone ... Whether the family elders, teachers, or boyfriend. But when the 'sidhi sadhi bholi bhali' girl gets dumped just before the day of marriage, everything just seems so dark for her. Same happened for Rani too. She fell in the well of hopelessness. She could do something unexpected, She could take some wrong steps too for depression but she didn't do that. Instead she decided to spend her own honeymoon alone. The girl who has never gone to the next colony without her little brother's guidance, just steps off to abroad. And there she opens up. She opens up herself to her own world, gains confidence by doing everything alone, overcomes all the fears she used to have before, does all the odds which she has never done before like drinking, partying, staying with male room mates and then selling own panipuri. Then at last dumped the marriage proposal from her ex-fiancee . Huh!! This movie was tremendous and there Rani becomes the real Queen of her own world and ours too.

I don't know what I wrote here. I may have written so much .. But why did I love these movies? Because these movies had the inner message of opening up. In both movies the story was about being someone from no one. If not for others, but for their own selves. These movies were about standing upon one's own feet. Because God has given us the wings of Freedom right ?? Then why not Flying ?? 

Keep Flying Girls !! 

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