Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Happiness is being RICH

Now my title definitely headed you all towards some thoughts which I can guess. In our society we normally use this word only when we need to distinguish a person wealth wise. Isn't it? It has been tradition to discriminate RICH and POOR in our stereotype culture.

But I do believe that any person can be rich if he/she is attaining any positive quality in him/her.

Being Rich means to have wealth of anything.
You can be RICH at your humanity
or RICH with your knowledge
or RICH with culture
or RICH with your sense of humor
or RICH with your aesthetic sense
or RICH at your kindness
or RICH at your heart
or RICH by the positivity you attain
or anything...

Being RICH doesn't imply to be proud of anything
Being RICH implies to have generosity 
to have smile on your face every time..
The more you spread these wealth, the more you will grow RICHER 

Being RICH is to have openness towards life
and there is the HAPPINESS in being RICH

and I am lucky that I am RICH with my 24x7 happiness !!  
and 24x7 smile on my face ....
keep smiling and spread the smile ☺

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