Saturday, 13 June 2015

So Skinny

Well to write about skin care, I am feeling kind of little awkward LOL ... why because my skin itself is so delicate and gets affected very fast. So applying more cream doesn't make a good choice for me. So here what I do usually and try to follow too.

1. My skin is so pimple prone so I try to keep my skin as much as clear. I use less products on my skin so that it doesn't stimulate the pimples eventually.

2. Aloe vera is really good for skin so you can use aloe vera gel. Using aloe vera directly can cause you suffering from cold and cough. LOL. It makes you feel much cooler 

3. A pack of Multani mitti, Yogurt, honey and rose water can make your skin glow. It helps reducing tan very quickly and keeps your skin very soft.

4. Using of ice cubes do magic on your skin. Specially when you feel that a new pimple is growing on your skin.

Now these were the things which should be done externally. But the main thing relies on internal care. Keeping out blood pure is really very important. For that one must drink sufficient amount of water. 

1. If one can start the day with drinking one glass of lukewarm water added up with lemon and honey, that just clarifies the toxins from your body and gradually the effect becomes visible.

2. Even some blood purification tonic can make wonder. Having them regularly can reduce skin problems.

Another thing is the most important for me is the practice of Yoga. I know many of us don't do it because of laziness, we just tend to skip doing yoga or exercise. But to be very frank practicing Yoga helps to keep every other bad things away. As it helps to keep our mind relaxed, it surely effects our skin and other external shields. Here are the exercises which are the best for a healthy skin

1. The Breathing exercise : Simply sit down with your legs closed and keep on breathing in and out. Relax your mind and concentrate. The healing thing will play the trick.

2. Halasana : I know this yoga is not so easy, even I fight daily to bring this posture in correct manner. But still try as much as you can and yes don't force your body to make it right. Just try gradually. Know your body limits.

3. Dhanurasana : This yoga is really easy and not so tough like the before one. Roll your body down and keep your face directly facing the floor. Relax your body and then slowly  try to hold your both legs by both your hands (backward) and when you touch the legs just try to hold your body up except your belly and stomach area. Count 1-10 and then relax and repeat again. Count 1-10. It is not only good for skin but very good for digestion too.

4. Savasana : This implies simply lying down on floor without being conscious.  Relax and loosen your body and close your eyes. Count 1-10. Breath normally. It helps to calm your mind and to heal your mind.

So this were my quick and simple tips for a healthy skin. Though I don't attain the best skin but yes staying fit and healthy makes me happier and the happiness reflects on face thus the SKIN ... 

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