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In the lap of Himalayas ... On Monsoon - PART II ... RISHYAP

Hello ... I am back with my second part of In the lap of Himalayas and now I am going to write about my journey towards Rishyap and obviously will share my pictures here. 

So I hope the Lava post was quite enjoyable and you people liked it. So here I am going .. tadda tadda taa ♫ ♫

Rishyap is a very small neat clean well planned village and just 4 kms away from Lava (By trekking road) and 9Kms away (by normal road). Rishyap is situated at 9682 ft. altitude in Eastern region of Himalayas and comes under Darjeeling district. If you want to go from Lava to Rishyap, you can either trek or ride a vehicle. We decided to go by trekking the road as we already planned for it. As it was monsoon and the scenic beauty defined its charm very much, we were so much excited to have a trek. If you want to trek, I must suggest you to go for it. Roads were not that bad. We took 2 hrs around to reach Rishyap [we had few halts to enjoy the mountain views silently so we took a bit extra time may be] and it was so so different and awesome feeling. As the mountains were just washed off by rain, we could view the greens properly.

My best pic of the album 

Sweet Arpita Di

Rahul and Arpita di 

Can you feel the place ?

When we reached Rishyap, we first met out Resort [tadda] Lovely resort and I was like where am I ?Small cottages with little, neatly maintained gardens in front and right from there the view which we experienced was inexpressible. We all were astounded by the scenic beauty. Up and down whereever we looked, we saw green mountains, some tiny visible cottages over the hills [rarely visible] and bunch of white clouds. The clouds seemed dreamy ... as if they came there to take us and give us a ride over the cloud.. CLOUD 9 huh !! LOL .. check the pictures...

Our Resort 

Our Cottage ... LOVELY

We had very less time in our hands so we just didn't want to waste any time. Right after having lunch and bit charging up ourselves we opted out to explore the roads of Rishyap. Nature can be this beautiful never knew. Actually yes have visited Himalayas before too but not during monsoon. Mostly people choose these places during winter vacation to spot Kanchanjhangha. But I must say that please visit the place during monsoon too. Monsoon has its own charm. Light breeze, chilled weather, awesome drizzles [Sweater is not needed, rather a stole / windcheater can make you feel comfortable in case you feel too cold] and green view is the gift. Silence brings out the best of it as you can feel each and every sound of nature prominently. Check the pictures. 

Heaven hain na ?

Megh boleche jabo jabo ♫

I loved it ♥

No not birds ;)

A small home at heaven.. Where sky kisses the ground

Night at Rishyap ?? Well in Lava and Rishyap both places electricity doesn't visit much. Only for few hours your resort will give you time to charge your gadgets up and then rest of the time is like feeling the silence. When I came out of cottage, to take dinner believe me or not, the mountains were dark and some tiny lights were playing hide and seek with your vision. Chilled night, wooden cottage - Best for watching horrors !!! no doubt ... and we did but not movie .. the stories ... And that was awesome ... 

On the next day morning 4:45 we started our trek towards Triffindara. Triffindara is the highest and best peak of Rishyap specially to view Kanchanjhangha. But we knew that during monsoon that was impossible but we just could not miss the trek.The road was of 1.5 + 1.5 (up and down trek) = 3 kms around. But yes this road was quite rough and harsh. Especially the titled slopes may cause you feeling tired very much and also the road is surrounded by dense forest. The time we started our trek, was surely very odd time for other people to visit. So no one was around except some grateful local dogs. They were the real saviors, our guides. View from Triffindara was spectacular. Morning 6:15 around we reached there and sun just started showing its ray. So the chilly clouds were mixing up well with the sunlight and the mountains .. ahh .. how should I describe ?? Check out the pictures.

Way to Triffindara

Yay we found the direction !

View from Tirffindara. 

Flying !!

Our loyal guide

When leaving Rishyap.. Our second guide

The last picture of Rishyap Village

Wait for Loleygaon post !! :)

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  1. awesome pics... could just feel being there

  2. This is so beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful............. I just dnt knw how can I express my feeling


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