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In the lap of Himalayas ... On Monsoon - PART III ... LOLEYGAON

Hello Friends ... How are you .. Fine huh ?? As I promised, I am back with my post about Loleygaon.

From Rishyap Loleygaon is about 1.5 hrs around. You can easily get a cab for that. As Loleygaon is situating at much lower end of Himalayan Ridge (around 1675 meters of altitude) you can easily observe the change in beauty of the nature. From Rishyap and Lava Loleygaon differs a lot. 

Long highways pass through the jungles of tall ferns. Sunlight sometimes touches you and sometimes hide behind the greens. So when we were passing through the clean forest side roads, it was more of like connecting the place to some horror movies... LOL... Silence... No people around... Fogs flying by and inside the fern jungles ... Tuk tuk tuk ... 

Anyways Canopy bridge is the main attraction in Loleygaon. You can walk over it and have a view of the full forest. You can explore different kinds of mushrooms, flowers, trees and many more. Pics are down below
Where the Ferns stand tall and the fog flies along ...
Where the rays touch you a bit and air knocks your spirit

Nice na ??

Canopy Bridge

The FAR view 

Abandoned !! 

Shiny !! :P 

When the clouds brought down the DAWN of dark
when the husk of madness occupied your thought

He was so cute when we gave him lozenges 

Even them.. These two little sisters were so much
together that we couldn't hold the younger one.. So all together in one frame

We were in the shared cab.. while running fast we just gave them
lozenges ... and see their happiness
So good ... they were so happy

When we were returning to Kalimpong, we opted for shared cab and the experience was so good. Local people were passing by. The cab was more of like mini bus as it could carry so many people altogether and as their local transport is not so easy, everyone waits for that one cab which comes at particular time. In every stoppages people were waiting, few were school goers, few were teens, few middle aged and few young like us. One thing I noticed that everyone out there was so helping whether us (their guests) or to each other. They smile always as if they do not have any worry where as actually they are poor and run out of money most of the times. But seeing their faces was a treat and yes to mention it here ... We enjoyed few Nepali songs while coming to Kamilpong  and believe me in the mountains, with the Leptchas those songs were awesome. That's how my journey ended there and my article on this series ends here.

Please do comment me as I love reading them.. LOL .. ha ha who doesn't ? and yes I  have been getting many comments on these posts which were warm. Thanks folks... 

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  1. What a nice experience. How did you discover this place? It's Sikkim, isn't it?

  2. no its in North Bengal .Comes under Darjeeling district

  3. i have bn to gangatok... the pics are awesome.. u have captured the beauty so well!

  4. Luv it.Pl.give more details.


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