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In the lap of Himalayas ... On Monsoon - PART I ... LAVA

So here I am blogging about the latest trip I have had. It was on last weekend and believe me or not I am still under the magical spell of the visual treat which I experienced. God .. What was that ? First of all before Monsoon knocked the door of Kolkata (that is today) I got the glimpse of Monsoon directly in Himalayas. If I would not have gone to this trip, for sure I would have been a dumb child who could not have any idea about how Mountains do look like during Monsoon. Anyways I will try to write about the place, post pictures and also share the route map (just abstract one).

Towards Kalimpong ... 

So considering the fact that you know about the station New Jalpaiguri (NJP) that is in West Bengal. You can start your journey from New Mal Junction (just do a bit research on that as I didn't go via that route). We were a group of three people (Awesome Threesome) and we first boarded at NJP. From there we went to Siliguri panitanki more. For this better you opt for shared vehicles as the distance is of around 15 minutes. From Siliguri Panitanki more we caught the road towards Kalimpong. (In case from NJP also you can get direct cab or reserved car to LAVA that will charge extra but options are there). While moving towards Kalimpong please keep your eyes open because you just can not miss the scenic beauty that starts right from there and right from there gradually you will feel the weather changing into a better pleasant one.

A Small glance at Kalimpong City
Kalimpong is such a nice city . We halted there only for our lunch. But yes there are much to see at Kalimpong. If you have time then please do make a visit at the place. A nice decorated town, busy town .. filled up with busy trespassers, school children, college goers, guides, travelers and tourists and that awesome restaurant where we had our lunch. Believe me the place was so good and cozy that it made us super happy. I was like dancing on the cloud 9. First the pleasant weather and then the colorful neat and clean restaurant. These just made me super happy. Just for mentioning ... Met a small kid Deu Tamang and his warm grand mother. They were so sweet and Deu was so smart.. No photo :( Pardon please. 

I was in love with this small yet so nicely decorated Restaurant.
It was so Eco - friendly 

The same Restaurant.  Look at the plants ^_^

So finally we headed from Kalimpong to Lava.. The journey was about 1:30 hrs by road. As soon as we reached Lava, the temperature seemed too good. Cool breezes, cloudy sky and the hilly people all around. The streets of Lava though a bit clumsy but that had a different beauty. The time we boarded at hotel, the view from window made me yelling a lot. Not only me, we all like were mesmerized by the view. As it was monsoon, the scenic view was much different and differently beautiful. 

And just after that it started raining heavily. But we didn't stop. We just couldn't miss a single time. With umbrellas, Raincoats and torch light we headed towards exploring the streets of Lava, towards some unknown. What exactly we did can not be shared here else my fingers will start paining. I just can say that in load shedding and heavy rain when the mountains were hugged tightly by those thick clouds, Torch light saved us and made that evening an unforgettable one. Shivering cold weather and hot soup with chicken momos were a treat to our mouth and that too with hot masala chai and hurricane light was just auhhhh - mazzingg ... 

Can you spot us ?? LOL ... guess the weather 

Hot momos. ... Yumm
 Next morning at 5:00 am we started our journey towards Changey Falls i.e 14 kms from Lava town. and the roads go through Neora Valley National Park, Kolakham. The roads are not so good, but please carry your camera. Because you may become crazy and mad. When we were going through the roads we barely could see anyone passing through the jungle. The jungle was in pin drop silence mode except the natural bird chirps. 

Hills are high ... View is green

Changey Falls

me and Arpita di

Look at this girl ... she just posed so fast

Way to Lava Monastery

Look at the Lamas


This space was so serene that can not be expressed
Just  feel

Wherever I go Meows follow me

so good this tree was

loved the post ?? the pictures ??  Please keep your eyes on my blog... Will write about Rishyap and Loleygaon :) very soon ... 

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