Saturday, 5 July 2014

Khide Peyeche ....Ami Khabo ... [I am hungry..I will eat]

By nature I am a foodie and anything delicious just makes me hungry. Over that I love to cook. Cooking is my greatest pass time. May be the thought "I am going to eat good" has made me a good cook and also cooking for my loved ones gives me a different level of pleasure which can't be described. I do have a cooking blog too and is linked with this blog too. But as per the conditions given, no pictures are allowed to show right ? So am not going to put any link from that blog as you can look after so many food's pictures out there.

As I said I love to eat so anything delicious ponders my heart and stomach. But still there is a pleasant fantasized thali which I love to eat when I am hungry to the core. You know, I am talking about the basic hunger. Like "Pet main chuhein daudnein type" and that is very own Bengali Thali. 

Let's make a scenario which can let you think a bit in a better thoughtful manner.

Oh !! The scorching Sun is giving too much heat and that too waiting for bus in bus stand is pathetic right now. I am checking my wrist watch.. oh !! it's going to be 2 p.m. So my Sunday lunch is going to fade away. No !! with no lagging behind I am just calling my mother.

Ma, What's there in Lunch ??
--First come home, there are so many.
Ok. I am coming. It will take 30 mins more. Please wait for me. I want to have my Sunday lunch with you.
--Ok. don't worry. Come home safe. See you.

Yeas !! I am  home and ringing the door bell. 

"Hurry ma.. Open up .. ar parchi na [can not resist]"

-- Yes dear, wait.. coming.
There she has opened the door and I am finally home and so hungry.

Ma I am going to get freshen up. 
-- Ok. I am making the lunch ready.

and now I am right in-front of  dining table sitting with my Thali of Bengali Meal. 
The Thali is having all my favorite dishes. 

1. Brass plate consisting of Round shaped Rice monument, garnished with Lemon and Green chilli
2. Just beside the Rice I am seeing my favorite aloo makha [Smashed masala Potato] and Ghee
3. Wow, there is Begun Bhaja too. [Fried Brinjal]
4. Yummy. Ma has prepared Rui mach Bhaja [Deep fried Rohu] too ... I love you ma
5. Just beside my plate, I can see tomato Dal, sprinkled with a little bit ghee over the top. 
6. Eee.. There is a bowl filled with Muri Ghonto... [A traditional dish made by Bengali. Made of Rice and Rui Macher Matha or Rohu Fish Head]
7. Ma how much did you cook ?? even Rohu Kalia too.. Yummy.
8. At last the thali is completed with Mishti Chashni of AAM.

Ma you just made my lunch a super lunch.. Like other typical Bangali.. it's time to give a short Bhaat Ghoom now !! Ahhh

Don't know how was the scenario which I tried to create ... Though it's not totally my creation. It happened so many times and when the real hunger strikes my stomach I get nothing better other than simple Bengali Bheto Thali .. That just completes me and puts my stomach in peace. I hope that I could describe the thaali in a manageable manner without showcasing any picture of it.

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  1. Aha, khub bhalo. Amio khide peyeche.

    So nice to read this...

    1. Alok !! you know which one is sweeter ?? When a non Bengali speaks Bengali .. Your comment just made me so happy .. Thanks for reading my post

    2. Ha ha haaa, Debarati khub bhalo. Sotti bolle :)


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