Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It's not the city where I used to live once ....

Everyday in the morning, while opening the newspaper I hope to not see any dark news headlines on women molestation especially in my state. But for past few years, scenario has been changed drastically and the headlines give my brain a harsh kick to stop imagining of such positive prayers. 

Yes, I am born and brought up in this city which was once a pride for me to fiercely state that "Kolkata is much safer than other metro cities". Because earlier I never had any fear of moving out at evening and coming home around 10. I knew that nothing bad would be going to happen at least, no one could have that guts to drag me and then slap me or molest me in public place or rape me. Though I am stating that there were no records of such incidents earlier, but not at this rate. Now opening a newspaper implies to move a step forward to the door of scary nightmares and insecure thoughts and recently another news came up here where the girl was dragged, slapped and beaten in front of the crowded mall just because she refused to marry the guy she was dating once. So girls, remember you have lost that option too to express your opinion. I don't understand how does  a man get this much gut to beat a woman in front of public place. Even some boy friends too beat up, slap, pull and drag his partner in public place. Insane .. so in yesterday's matter, it was stated like the crowd watched but did not help the victim even after she asked for help. Yes, we all have become numb, dumb and technically paralyzed. Don't you think some incidents have made us to be like that ??  If someone is protesting against anything wrong, what do they actually get in return ?? Losing life brutally. And yes Bengal has recently seen that incident where the boy was brutally killed into many pieces and on the other hand Bengal has heard a M.P to threaten openly in public sphere to rape the opponent parties women relations, where the so called M.P proudly providing heated enthusiasm to all rowdies to act the worst more and more.   And at last where our beloved C.M calls these all incidents SMALL !! Then how will we protest without any fear ? How will we be assured of getting proper justice ? How will we go out at night around a silent street without carrying any fear? It is the state being ruled by a woman right ?? Then why are we all women suffering in this city most after Delhi ? Why has suddenly the tag with the most unsafe city got stuck over Kolkata ?? 

This is surely not the city where I used to live once !! 

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  1. It hurts to read and hear such stories. I feel so bad for the plight of those victims. Certainly it is not that city anymore. We are not human anymore.


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