Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Welcoming the season of laziness

And here India has welcomed Winter...The season of sweaters,mufflers,socks and gloves has come around. Personally I don't like Winter at all, as I am a summer born and have special weakness over the sweaty season and I described it here. Winter reminds me of dryness, laziness, and surely to fall sick [cold,cough, soundless voice and running nose which I am suffering from even now unfortunately]. It's the time about sneezing vigorously, applying petroleum jelly consecutively, and shivering a bit dreadfully.

But still there are few thing which I enjoy [most people do] during winter. Let me sum them up and list them down...

1. Miss and love old school days when used to take out our winter uniforms with so much of excitement and fun to play badminton during afternoon lunch break. I don't know about other states but here, in Kolkata rather I should say West Bengal we all have a tendency to spend our quality times with Racket and feather. Be it in school, picnic or at evening time at 'parar' playground with lights and divider.It is amazing fun and this is the only sport over which I am confident enough [honest confession].

2. Picnic [chorubhati]: Picnic has become a tradition for the 'amude' [fun loving] Bengalis. We always take out our time to have joy and fun and keep ourselves busy throughout the year.So it is another way to gather and have joy [center of attraction for 'bhojonroshik' aka foodie]. Be it a picnic at your terrace with a group of your known or a short trip of 1-2 days.But having picnic is a MUST to have during winter. So I too love the concept of PICNIC. Especially I love the traditional picnic lunch menu items bhat ,daal,bhalo mondo torkari  ,alu diye mutton kosha,mach,misti,papor,doi and pan and to sit over the floor and eat on shaal patar thala 

3. Cultural Festivals : hmm Kolkata brings so many winter festivals like Kolkata Book Fair, Film Festival, Blah blah blah blah fairs.. Eating out and having a jompesh adda.

so these few reasons are there to cherish Winter. So winter lovers Happy Winter and people like me, try to enjoy with cold cream and Vaseline.

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  1. Nice post dear.. I love winter and the cool mornings and snow and winter flowers that we get only in winter.


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