Saturday, 9 November 2013

Three Boons

If Bhooter Raja from Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen would have asked me for three boons !! What would I ??
1. To learn dances of all genres and styles..
2. To learn the all languages from all over the world
3. To travel alone wherever I want .... like a bird ... (sundi in revised version)
---------- Official wishes directly from the den of my heart.... which I was suppressing for so long !!

And additional to this would like to state that everyone does have their wishes which sometimes are not at all possible.They may be a bit weird, crazy and funny too.But thinking of these help to make us feel better.

So would you mind sharing few of them to me ??

If not then feel free to comment...

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  1. Life itself is a boon !!!!! so live life love life :)

    1. Yes Veena that is 100% true... I do agree... Apart from this we do carry so many wishes with us right ?? I was asking the same !! anyways thank u :D


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