Thursday, 14 November 2013

Journey with Strangers Part VIII

Though after a month I am penning under this label, but you know na... until I meet someone unusual during my journey,I don't write them down.Today I had my journey with a fighter.No don't think about the war fighter[with due respect].She is a survivor.Fighter as a mother and a human.

We often spit on women[due to our unconventional society] if she is divorced or single. In that crowded train she took few of ours attention including mine. She was not having sindoor on her forehead [unlike other Indian married women].The place was empty...blank.She was having only Pola [bangles made of coral,must for Bengali married ladies] on her both hands. She was questioned for not putting sindoor and was criticized thoroughly[We are always more interested in other's life].She kept quite but when she started...I could not stop myself from making my eyes a bit wet.

She started with vexation, sorrow and told that her husband left her and their kids when her daughter was only 6 months old.Now she is 18. She explained with hatred that why doesn't she put the fake Sindoor when he left them at the middle of the ocean. She does have two kids.Elder son and one daughter. Her son is B.A + Comp Engg [final year] and her daughter studies in blind school.Yes !! her daughter is blind. She narrated her life struggle thoroughly within that short period of time.Gradually I could see pride and love for her kids. She was praising her kids like anything. Her eyes were wet but a smile of satisfaction was on her eyes, lips and all over the face. She has been struggling for past 18 years and doesn't even get enough time to love her kids though she is blessed enough to have them as they understand the pain of her soul. Still she was smiling.

I saw a needy woman, a strong mother with such a strong will who has achieved her motto of feeding good food,cloth and proper studies to her kids. She is still fighting and will do further.

I was awestruck and kept on praising her inside my mind. 

We are so happy compared to this right ?? But still we are so weak sometimes... May God bless them all and take out all their pain which they have gone through for so long. 

Don't blame me for putting this picture.
Both are same.. Fighting to survive for their kid
So put it !! 

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