Saturday, 2 November 2013

Thus She arrived !! and blessed us with happiness

In the darkness,at mid night... the dusky black goddess arrived on earth.

Happy Diwali once again to all of you.Hope everyone has enjoyed choti diwali and Kali puja in some prosperous manner.I spent it really nice.The city was so alive yesterday with lights,bulbs,sounds and show of crackers.I did my best to feel good and make my home look bestest of it.For me spending time with family on festival is the most pleasant feeling ever. And for the first time I witnessed the whole rituals of Kali Puja and became the part of it which was surely a new and holy feeling.As I mentioned at mid night she arrived when we all were praying her with ULU(a special holy sound made by twisting tongue repeatedly....done by women),Dhak and Ghanta ... Yes she was there...Ma Kali was there .. alive...and there she blessed us and made us happy.

Once again !! Happy Diwali....

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