Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Glimpses of MUMBAI ....

Being a typical Bollywood fanatic, it was a shame for me to have never visited Mumbai in my life. I remember of copying Lavani since the time of The Great Maratha teleseries that used to come in DD national when I was really small and of course the Ganapati craze of Mumbai. Come on !! I grew up watching Indian actors dancing on Ganapati Bappa Morya songs. So when I got holiday for Ganesh Chaturthi how could I miss it this time ? Thankfully Bangalore is not far from Mumbai like Kolkata. That's how I love to utilize dates and roam around the corners. Hola !! I made it to Mumbai. Yes. (wink *__^). Over that I have seen many of my school friends to have deep love for the city and yes I found it why this time. In one short word , I can say that the city is FLAMBOYANT.


Hailing from Kolkata has one unique advantage. Kolkatans love to have life in everything. We love everything which is much alive and crazy. We love places where every person is part of the mass, the crowd. We love places where people are not self centered and not least bothered about anything else happening in around. Luckily I found even Mumbai has that mind tickling phenomenon. Even like Kolkata the city is careless and not neatly maintained everywhere and lastly yes the local trains. ha ha !!!  Loved it. 


I had really less time to explore the city to the fullest but still did as much as possible. After almost a year I  walked through seashore and heard the waves. That was exciting after too many mountain trips. I was eager to walk through some old streets or lanes and when I did, I loved it. The old fashioned christian homes around Bandra were finest. Riding local trains of Mumbai was equally exciting for me. We all know that Kolkata and Mumbai are the only cities to have massive crowd around the local train platforms. As I was a part of Kolkata local trains once upon a time, had urge to ride Mumbai local trains too & yippy I did that.

Ganesh Puja Pandal hopping may not be as much like Kolkata during Durga Puja but the streets covered with lights and the sounds, the beats of course welcome the festival like Grand Occasion with million souls and emotional hearts. It was really awesome to see Bappa everywhere. Loved Zingat and other Sairat songs being played everywhere too. (^__*)

The most healing part was to sit and listen the waves at night in Marine Drive. To feel the wind and to watch the starry city was truly infinite and splendid. "
As if the Starlights have come down here and the waves are breaking the silence with splashes of air ... Spectacularly beautiful". & truly it was the best part for me in Mumbai.

There may be thousand reasons for a Mumbaikar to state why they love their city most but for me I would love to say that, the city has LIFE in it. The energy of people that I miss a lot for being far from Kolkata  may be the reason why I loved spending three days in Mumbai. 

Mumbai - yes the city never sleeps indeed !! ... 

Check out some memories here.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time in Mumbai...

  2. Those are some great captures .. glad you had a great time in Mumbai

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