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Feminism is about Growing within .. as a Better Human

It is often mistaken by many of us to understand the words Feminism, Independence and also Women empowerment. & since these talks are making much noise, the term Faminazi came in. Now, what is Feminism? What is independence? What is women empowerment? For me the answers are very simple. But before writing in detail, I must say why am I up to writing on it all of a sudden. Because on social media for quite a long time I have been seeing various posts on FEMINISM and so called women empowerment which utterly mock the real substance. Well let's come to equality, mmm yes we seek equality. Indeed we need equality to break all the social norms which have been suppressing underprivileged woman kind for long time. We need equality to stop facing sexual harassment.  But it is very depriving to see privileged women asking for equality & then on the other hand seeking the privileges as of the right for weaker sex. Then how is equality coming into the scene when we women are the first to dominate ourselves and we are ready to accept non-verbally that we are weaker sex and Men need to satisfy few agendas because "cut the crap" we are weak, financially and of course mentally. And this is not the end. There comes another very strong term "Independent". "I am working lady and thus I am independent". Crap !! seriously ?? Then why do most of us become dependent on our partner after marriage (again stating. Not only financially. but .. in all respective ) ? Why do women treat their husbands like their guardian or expect parenting ? Aren't we giving the opportunities to all Men to blame us ? When two people decide to move in together, it is both their duties to solve each problems with mutual discussion, Come on we are responsible and mature enough  to take burdens..

Now let me clarify one more thing, Feminism & Women empowerment never meant to hate the opposite sex. Equality never meant of defaming Men. Neither did it mean for a man to dominate a woman and exclude her from all the civil & emotional right to grow. Even a man can be a true feminist. Feminism according to me is to grow. grow & grow as individual and let the other one grow. Feminism for me is to see a man helping his partner, sister or daughter to become independent. Feminism for me is not to kill girl child before birth. Feminism for me is to see a would be mother expecting a girl child without having fear of upcoming obstacles. Feminism for me is to see a girl saying to her own "Yes, why can't I do this ? I am capable enough to have my own jobs done and I am not bothered to ask help for silly things to anyone xyz". . Feminism for me is to be independent so that if any odd comes too, we can be strong enough to cry on our shoulder rather than expecting someone else's. Feminism for me is to have the ability to do all the work by own. Be it household or something related to outer world. And yes this implies for every other human.  Feminism is about being our own guardian. I think that is how a true feminist and independent woman sound like. So I request every other woman out their to avoid using such misconception & erase the term FAMINAZI. Please do realize, you are not paralyzed or you were not born to hold some support to grow. You have got the strength that is why God has blessed you to be mother, to start a new life. Be yourself. Love yourself. Grow within. Be a better human being.

And also, to all dear Men, we women love you all. We know even you love us too. Mankind started with both of us. Either or game will never work. Respect each other. Stop fighting everyone and Start living. ♥ ♥ ♥

Lastly, I would love to mention a couple who have given me the real example of true feminism. They are my parents. I am glad to be born at their home. My mother was working but she never ever stepped out of her duty of being a wife and a mother. I have always heard her saying "be self sufficient, so that wherever you go, you don't fear or you don't think of stepping back. You know you can". My father, well I don't know whether in my life I will ever get to see such man or not. An independent personality who managed his fatherhood at his best and also became mother for both of our sisters many a times when my mother was at her work. I have seen both of them cooking together and doing all household work together on Sundays. I have seen them taking financial and other family responsibilities together with same amount of burdens on each. I have never seen both of them interfering in each other's matter. I have never seen my father to stop my mother from growing. I have seen my father to encourage his two daughters like anything. I have never seen them asking us for getting married. I just never faced this. and True, this is actually feminism. It is all about living a life while sharing everything equally and I am blessed to have such parents and feel thankful for becoming whomever(very little though) I am.

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  1. Very well written thoughts...And I agree, even a man can be feminist..The hypocrisy comes when a man thinks that there are a set of social norms which a woman should follow and woman agrees with that, as long as it's not impacting their independence..For example, they want to be treated like a princess since their father treated them like that, but if a guy wants her to behave like his mother (which should not be, for sure), then suddenly the incarnation of independent woman comes on her...I guess, a true feminist does not need to shout out for their identity, rather they make it for themselves without anyone's help, be it male or female....


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