Saturday, 30 July 2016

Reminiscence of Sandakphu - Wanderwomen's journey - Day 6 - Rimbik, Dhotrey, Mirik, Siliguri

The last day was something that I can never forget in my life. We all woke up very early to get ready. 
Before that last night something awesome I dreamed. I dreamed of us watching the Sleeping Buddha 
solely. I was joyful to see the dream itself and while coming out of the hotel, I was telling the same 
thing to my mates. We all basically laughed at my dreams as we knew how weird that was. People say that dreams of early morning do come true. But for me it was proved on that day. While coming via Dhotrey, one of our co passanger of the vehicle, just poked me and told, see Kanchanjangha. I was like what ?? I saw at my left. What was that. It was sleeping buddha. I still remember  the way I shouted. I shouted like no one was there. We all got down. I was seeing my dream coming true. Only we people were there solely, just opposite to the Sleeping Buddha range. I got tears of joy in my eyes. It was heavensome. Milky Kanchanjangha and the sunrays falling up the peaks. Ahh !! my trip was just perfect now. For your information, Dhotrey is beautiful. Via mirik we returned back to Siliguri and that's all. Our trek was over and it was one of the most memorable one.

PC : Arpita Di


PC : Sanjukta Di

PC : Sanjukta Di

PC : Sanjukta Di

PC : Sanjukta Di

PC : Arpita Di .... Mirik

PC : Arpita Di .. We reached Siliguri and this was the last pic of the trip

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