Sunday, 24 July 2016

One Month of Namma Bengaluru !!!

Hey Guys !! Disappointed with me ? No new posts since last month right ? I am extremely sorry for that. I wish from now it won't happen every now and often. I will try my best to write as much as possible. For past all posts though I have been saying this same but ya .. I am determined enough now to write more. Last few months were full of emotional and mental turmoils and I was just so unstable. Stability gives you wings. Isn't it ? I was stuck and was confined in all kind of worries. Worries of life and self proclamation. By the way I am getting back to my stability once again and the way my life has took a change, I am loving it. 

It has been just one month that I have been welcomed by Bengaluru or Bangalore and till now the experience is pretty good. Well South India is not unknown for me. My love for the culture had gone out many a times in my blogs too. So landing down to Bengaluru was really enthralling. First glance of Hatti Kaapi  atKempegowda International Airport and the forgotten & missed fragrance of Sambhar and Vada were the first two things I liked. But what I loved was the weather and till date what I loved more is the flexibility of this city. Unlike Chennai, it is much more open and the city knows how to welcome people from other states. I have seen 99% Kannadigas to co operate in Hindi and also welcoming the other cultures while keeping their own culture intact aside. I just loved it. In this one month I have spent most of  my times at office desk and then at my home and my brother's home. Have visited very little places or landmarks. But whichever I have, I liked. By the way, I have learned quite a few lines in Kannada.. Thanks to my teammate Shruthi... ♥ Swalpa Swalpa Kannada Gothidhe ☺ Learning new languages has been always a fun and beside Tamil, Telugu I am willing to keep Kannada too. Hope I can make it soon.

So my One month of Bangalore has been really good overall. Keeping fingers crossed and let's see what is waiting for me next in the future bag... ♥♥ Sharing some pictures spent in Bengaluru..

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  1. All the best for your new life in new city girl...Hope the city will give you a lot of memories to cherish forever....Cheers....


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