Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Never knew .... ♥♥

Never knew I had this much of love to share,
never knew I could jump the height to care
for you anyway ..

Never knew my heart was waiting for you,
never knew my lips could be red and eyes to be blue
in any expected way..

Never knew my heart was weak enough to say you good bye,
never knew my tears were desperate to come out of eyes
for you anyway..

Never knew I would bloom each day with joy,
never knew I would treat you to a coy
in any expected way ..

Never knew love is nothing but friendship in the first,
never knew love is this much beautiful under the mythical crust
Never knew I would love you so deep in this way,
Hey you !! You have made me crazy .. 
I love you in every other possible way .. ♥♥

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