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Memoirs of North Sikkim - Visit to Gangtok

So here we knew that our journey was ending. After getting back from Zero point we started towards Gangtok. since childhood I had been listening much about Gangtok. So surely I was excited enough to visit the last chapter of our journey. "Gangtok - e - Gondogol " - that's how Ray imprinted the impression on our mind.  We had less time. Less than a day. We made sure that we would not waste time and utilize utmost. On the was, again we were mesmerized by the beauty of North sikkim, Several villages like Chungthang,Rang Rang, Sentam, Mangan, Phodong came across and we halted at Mangan for evening tea & snacks. Mangan is a small village, has only few cottages but the ATMs and all were properly maintained. In Sikkim around the hills and villages if you get A.C ATM  that serves properly, is matter of fortune. Sun was set. We were still moving on towards Gangtok. It's too beautiful to have journey in the dark over the hills. It seems adventurous. Suddenly we spotted some fairy lights in hills. No. Actually it seemed like millions of fairy lights blinking in middle of hills. It was Gangtok city and the view was breathtaking.   As soon as we reached near city, it seemed that the rural, rough taste had suddenly disappeared into the wind and touch of urbanization had arrived. After reaching hotel and putting up the luggage we were ready to explore the city at night. We had less time to explore the city. Less than a day in fact as already stated before. So we didn't waste any single moment and jumped out for shopping in Gangtok. But there we were. Poor people. Found that all shops close by 8 PM. So we could not buy in mass. So we concentrated on having our dinner. There we met nice people. The restaurant owner and his family was too warm to welcome us and we got to know that the hailed from Lachung, the place we just visited a day before. Check the pictures here. We had Thukpas and Chilly Chicken and they were yumm..

Next morning was splendid again for me and I am not sure that in my life the same moment will arrive or not. I clearly remember my alarm was set at 5:30 am at morning. But it was 5:00 am that I was awaken by the Temple bell which was ringing down the hills. It was Monday so Lord Shiva was being worshiped in the early morning. I woke up and thought to find the temple from my window. I opened the window and took my eyes down I found the temple. So I was looking at it. I don't know what made me to turn my head in left side a bit, I just saw golden white piece of structure shining in spark. I yelled. KANCHANJANGHA. I could not believe that I saw it. It was for the first time in my life. I kept on shouting with the name. I jumped from the bed and with my loud voice, Arpita di woke in rush. All out sleepy moods just vanished off within a second. We stood beside the window and opened all of its doors. We were stunned, silent and unable to move. Millions of expressions, thousands of words can not describe what I was feeling right then. check out pictures.

We then had plans to visit few spots of Gangtok specially Chorten Stupa and Rumtek Monastery. We started walking. Walking in some unknown place is pleasure. Isn't it? It feels like breathing and feeling each little portion of air in yourself. It's like you are getting into it with the city, with the people and with the air. We were walking and it was Kanchanjangha that was following us everywhere. We walked till Chorten Stupa. It was morning 7:30 am approx. All lamas were busy chanting their prayers. Om Mani Padme Ham !! was the line which I could understand. The tune was holy and highly spiritual. Peaceful very much. We prayed too, we were moved completely. Check out the pictures.

Chorten Stupa

Young lama's shoes and chappals were waiting
outside as they were busy studying their lessons

Gangtok City on the way to Rumtek 

After we headed towards Rumtek Monastery. the largest monastery in Sikkim. It is situated 24 kms away from Gangtok. The road was beautiful and the view was scenic. You will  find Gangtok city falling just opposite to the monastery. That short journey was pleasant. Our driver was a genuine person and he told us various things, like the meaning of  Om Mani Padme Haum, why Buddhists hang up the prayer flags etc etc and with the weather, the place those little talks seemed to fulfill our  urge to travel. We had momos again just outside the Rumtek Monastery. They were superb. We then bought many things outside the monastery. That day was very special for Buddhists. People from Japan, Tibet, China and many other countries assembled there because some auspicious occasion was going on that day. Every women and children were wearing Kimonos of various colors. Mostly red and children were having black dots on their faces (specially nose). Inside it was high crowd and our bad luck that the main door was closed and we could not see the Golden Buddha. Check out the pictures.

The tiniest and cutest devotee I found there.
And she was from Japan. Her kimono, bag and the hat .. ♥
Look the way she was walking.. just so cute

with her mother

I found Snowy there 

When they perched to see the abode of mountains,
they got their lives in new horizon
with new meaning of sacrifice and peace.

Gangtok city from Rumtek 

The monastery ... Remember Gangtok e Gondogol ?? 

Some occasion was going on there

These pretty dolls 

See ♥

 and there I finished my North Sikkim Trip and here I am putting the stop of North Sikkim travel diary. I hope you have enjoyed my posts and also I wish to visit these places again in my life sometimes in future.. Thank you for being a part of these posts. Will be back with my Dooars trip very soon.

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  1. Gangtok has a lovely vibe. YOu captured some great pictures. tHanks for sharing.

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  2. Happy new year 2016...wish u a year filled with success n joy :)


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