Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Thank you note ... 2015, I will remember you in many ways

Well just one day is left to bid good bye to 2015 and to say Hello and Welcome 2016. I hardly make plans on anything and when it comes to New Year, I feel taking resolutions is kind of foolish idea. So in the beginning of 2015 I had no plans at all. I am thankful enough that my 2015 went really well. 

I should say that 2015 was year of Travel. I traveled many places and most surprisingly all of them were so uncertain and of course with friends. I made many new friends during all the trips. One of the trip was very close to me as we girls made it successful. Thanks to you both Naiwrita and Anindita. Then I trekked for first time. I traveled to North Bengal for the first time. Thanks to Arpita di for escorting me always. I started loving mountains from a different angle. All were new experiences. I never loved mountains before. But my realization changed completely. Himalaya just moved me deeply. 

Over that I revived myself newly because many new things I learned this year. I learned to swim (I overcame with my fear of swimming) and thankfully I have learnt to dive well too. wink ^_*. I could indulge myself with dance. I attended workshops, danced and danced. I did attend cultural activities. I wrote many articles and happiest part was that one of my post was top listed by too. I smelled my lost feelings again this year and that was one of the best part of it. Then my best friend (my sister) got married and the number just doubled because I have got another cool friend in my brother - in - law. My 2015 was more than I expected because I spent my most of the times with my family, friends and my passions. Each moment was bright as diamonds, sweet as sugar. Check few of my happy moments.

It's just that you can never make any plans on how your upcoming year or life is going to be. It's just we need to make sure we are flexible enough to cope with all situations that come up in near future. I wish I can stay strong through thick and thin and I hope that I can spread happiness among everyone I care about. 

To everyone out there, whomever is reading this post. Would love to see your year's highlights too. If you want to mail me, inbox me in and if you are uncomfortable to do so, no worries just recollect your good memories and smile for now. 

Let's shout ... Happy New Year 2016 ..

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  1. Nice collection...i have many on my FB profile and travels on my blog :)


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