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The positive vibes !!

Well Happy New Year friends.  While writing for the topic Start 2016 on a Positive Note and #SpreadTheVibe! I should be thankful again to the year 2015 because the amount of positivity I have experienced in last year is inexpressible. As you quoted in mail - 

" We hope you had a great beginning to the new year! With 2016 now upon us, you've probably made your plans and resolutions for this year.
But what about 2015? Let's not forget about it so soon. People, places, stories - many a things can inspire us to feel good about this world. What is one such story that has inspired you in 2015?
These stories can be anyone's - from your local tea stall owner, your neighbour, an innovator or entrepreneur, or government officials.
This 2016, #SpreadTheVibe and share the stories of good that have inspired you. "

I agree with you. I already wrote a long article named as Thank you note - 2015  on 30th December, 2015 because I am that much grateful to the last year. The whole year was very much exciting and very fresh from its separate angles. I don't have any particular story or anyone who inspired me alone. I have bunch of stories related to many things which I would love to share again. Ya in different tune. Don't worry folks !! Few of you  have already read my thank you note right ?

I planned nothing in the beginning of 2015. Usually I don't do. I love to float with the flow of life mostly. Please don't interpret that I am very much uncertain about everything in my life. Not really, but the essence of life which I feel is to accept it the way it is. I kept myself very much flexible throughout the year 2015 and thus I know it had been the best among my past 5 years from every direction and measurement. 

1. I always follow my heart and I did so. I danced, danced and danced throughout the year. I attended dance workshop to enhance & boost up my happiness level to topmost, I rehearsed most of the year to attain something which was very much tough for me a year ago and I satisfied myself with the result. 

2. I learned to swim. I was scared of deep water and swimming before but after several months of training, I am confident enough to enjoy the swimming. And I should be happy that I bagged not only one style of swimming but few different styles which was like dream come true moment for me. I overcame with the fear of diving in. Ugh !! I was so scared of Swimming before. I just vanished my fear for water.

3. Somehow in past years I forgot to travel alone. During college I remember, I said yes to most of the unplanned trips and enjoyed all of them. 2015 was great for me as I made all of my trips with my friends and yes most of them were like "Let's Go" type. I experienced many things while traveling. I met different people. Few I liked, loved and few I disliked. It's too good to know people and their stories. Somehow and somewhere they inspire me always. So traveling helped me to find new people and of course the memories I have made are priceless.

4. I started posting letters again in this year. I love writing letters. I have been doing since childhood. But for past few years it came under wraps. I only used to write to my parents or sisters whenever wanted to tell something so important but wasn't able to get that in mouth. This year I wrote letters and posted. And that made me super happy. 

5. I found a person in Facebook, I should say she is an artist and a mirror reflection of my own picture. Her statuses, posts, and shares are so relevant to me that it always strengthens me up. I find whatever I do or I wish to is on the right track. I am personally a peace seeking person. I hate mental chaos and thus I too love the people who are like this. Thanks to Facebook, it connects millions of distances, be it other countries or other cultures and I wish in 2016 we both can communicate through pen, paper, inks and letters. 

6. Some emotions which were so irrelevant before few months too, started becoming relevant to me. Some inevitable expressions, some unsaid parts or words were spoken through silence. Some dependencies seemed beautiful all of a sudden. Some uncertainty, some unpredictable loyalty were great to find. 

7. I revived some old friendships and I found I had no second thoughts on becoming friends again. I found my mind was wide enough to forget all the bad memories I had once with them. That's one good thing right ?

To be very honest all of these were so uncertain, but these few little things made me joyous and helped me to stay positive and strong throughout the year. No one can predict the future, no one can plan too. Life is uncertain and thus the destiny is. I wish my 2016 will go as good as 2015 was for me. I want to see everyone around me smiling and laughing with happiness. I wish whomever is reading my post will be slightly motivated with my post too. I just know one thing. Life is really short !! All I need is to fulfill my wishes and embrace the happiness, kindness and spread LOVE !! ♥♥♥♥♥ 

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