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Memoirs of North Sikkim - Visit to Lachen

Well I am not getting the point from where should I start writing about my first visit to Sikkim. It is tough to sum up the visual feelings in words and that too when there are plenty visionaries which you are still able to remember like watching it alive. So here it is my first post of North Sikkim diaries.

NJP to Gangtok

We were four members & we started our journey from Sealdah railway station, Kolkata. Our trip was all over 5 days trip. I hope my writing may help you to find proper route guidance if you are planning to visit North Sikkim. We got into Teesta Torsha Express [Please don't opt for this train, the service is too bad and it runs late. There are many trains for reaching NJP] and reached New Jalpaiguri at 4:15 am around in next morning. There we started our  journey for Gangtok and it took 4:30 hours nearly to reach Gangtok.

whenever the road steps in to Sevoke road, Siliguri I kind of feel like yes here it is, the greens are welcoming us and it is always exciting to see the first mountain view on the way. Same happened this time too. After 4 months I stepped into the same route so yes I was super happy. It was drizzling and we saw the dawn bidding good bye and morning getting in. That feeling was extra ordinary. 


On the way we suddenly met Teesta and there it was we followed Teesta river all the way along till the end of our journey and the variations of Teesta were amazing. Sometimes quite, sometimes very fast, very spontaneous and sometimes dangerous to look at. On  the way we had taken breakfast, obviously momo with red hot spicy chutney and hot soup. The weather was calming and cooling down and we let our body and mind to float with the climate and to fly over the roads, keeping the interest on our minds to reach Sikkim as fast as possible.


 Gangtok to Lachen

We reached the border of Sikkim & West Bengal, Rongpo. It is true that as you enter Sikkim, you can feel a sudden difference of being in it. The bigger mountains, the tree patterns all seem to be different than of North Bengal and yes the falls. In throughout my trip I saw around 200 falls (approx). Unbelievable right ? Check this one. This one was the first noted fall which we visited. This was earlier known as Seven Sisters falls but now it is called as Butterfly fall.


Sottyi ??

Seven Sisters Fall

Seven Sisters Fall

Seven Sisters Fall


Lunch place

When we reached Lachen (via Chumthang), it was around 5:30 PM in the evening. We got into Hotel and then we had our food. In mountains hot homemade foods taste so delicious and the way the people served us the food was so warm. After having the dinner we went for a night walk. Walking in the mountain at night has different charm. All dark and cold, few crickets sound around and dogs presence will make you feel superb. Over that when you can see the dark mountains are being decorated with tiny lights from far, it feels amazing. As if toyland. Ok let me brief about Lachen. Lachen is situated at around 9022 ft altitude, adored in the lap of the mountains, protected by the high hills. Lachen is a small and neat village to stay. Temperature was 4° and night sky was so so clear. Millions of stars were twinkling and night was hush hush silent. 

Reached Lachen

The next morning oops !! I should call it midnight, we got ready by 2:30 am next day and there started for Gurudongmar lake and chopta valley. This day was .. ahh.. will express in next post. Till then check the Lachen pictures and keep your eyes on my blog for the total North Sikkim journey.

P.S Pardon if any typos !! 

Lachen village

Clouds n clouds... Fly away.. Let me see Lachen

Final touch .. The temporary Signature 

Debo - ♥

I loved that big hotel. At night it was the main thing to look at

And that monastery.. I wish I could walk up to reach there. had no time 

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  1. 200 falls? really :o ? i cant wait to hear more !

  2. the weather looks so awesome... remembering my gangtok trip! :)


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