Sunday, 20 September 2015

Love yourself ...

What is that one quote or an inspiration that guides you no matter what? #LifeMantra

I should not call it as quote or the determining text to inspire me in the so usual manner. But yes to  be honest if it is about mantra to be followed thoroughly, I would really say myself repeatedly "LOVE YOURSELF" ... Yes it may sound selfish, self obsessed and also self centered. But I believe if you are not able to love yourself, it is quite impossible to love others. Judging our needs can help to be empathetic to others needs as well and also understanding our nature increases the possibility to understand others nature. Most importantly, if you love yourself, then you will definitely take out some time for your own self being and no matter what you will do what you love. Playing with your hobbies and wishes must make you happiest and there if you are happy from inside, you will make others happy too. 

Now some quotes  which I like very much are posted below. Most of them are of Audrey Hepburn and her words are like a charm.

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