Wednesday, 19 August 2015

It is everywhere ....

When it rained on that day, the sky changed its color.. darker actually, the wind was mad  and had a very different flavor. It behaved crazy.The leaves, the stems and the trees were moving along very fast as if there was a deep thirst of Freedom, Freedom to move freely, in some unbounded manner. As if they were trying to break the sphere they hail from actually. More of this, it felt like Lord Shiva's cosmic dance (Samhara Tandav). That strength, that power, a bit of destructive nature. On other hands, while looking at the flowers who were getting drenched thoroughly with the nature's shower, were the softer part. As if they were filled up with joy of spiritual bliss, joy of celebrating the Destruction just like Goddess Parvati's Lasya. It is incredible to find the mythological explanations in everywhere and specially it is very true that Dance is everywhere. Each and every objects that are moving in a particular harmony, rhythm can be imagined as Dance and if anyone can feel it, just know that you have got Rhythm in you. You have got beats and sense of realizing it through your veins and blood. 

Credit goes to the artist

I found this video too beautiful to feel the meaning of Spiritual side of Dance. Dance is itself the feeling of non visuals, feeling of eternal power, the strength ...  

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