Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Because Veterans are never old

Years after we retired
years after we have been neglected
years after we have been forgotten
We have stood up,
No don't look at our outer shell
Neither the wrinkled skin nor the grey hair
Don't even think we are old
Because Veterans are never old 
Our bloods are strong enough
to protest for the right 
We fought and we will fight
till We die We will do hunger strike
We died in war before several times
We are ready to die again for million times
We are united, we are One
Are you listening INDIA ?? 

P.S This one was to pay respect for all the Military Veterans who have been on strike (recently on hunger strike) at Delhi's Jantar Mantar for more than 70 days only to ask for their right i.e One Rank One Pension. I have been following  ex-servicemenwelfare.blogspot.in regularly for the updated news (obviously for the sake of my father). But today it just crossed all limits. Read the link here : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/OROP-fast-unto-death-2nd-army-veteran-rushed-to-hospital/articleshow/48669685.cms . Is our ministry waiting for them to sacrifice their lives again for their right ? It seems it is their time to fight against their own country. Can our Honorable ministers imagine what will happen next if Military forces quit their duty for one single moment ?? Raise up .. Raise up India ... 

Willing to hear the news in this week.. 


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