Saturday, 25 October 2014

Very Simple Answer.. I daily dream of it...

Wow ... Indispire got an amazing topic for discussion. Daily once I think of it.So the topic is

experience about A 7 days experiment to stay away from all modern gadgets and apps like mobile, laptop-computers, internet, social networking, E-games and how you spent that time? with family? traveled? meditated, anything you experienced.

Practically saying the gadgets, apps are killing sometimes. So much of anything sometime becomes so monotonous. Especially these technical stuffs. Oops !! now that line was not expected from an IT employee. But frankly sometimes it is too much needed to listen from our heart, not by brain and if I would have got 7 days without these then probably I would do these following things which I lag somehow but want to do ..

1. Maintaining a healthy life :  

Every night I think to get up early in the next morning so that I can give a quality time to maintain the Yoga and Exercise session. But there is a button called snooze which pulls me down and I get very short time period to maintain my physical activity. So In those 7 days probably I would have slept earlier with  the help of not having Facebook, Whatsapp and blah blah blah and then would have got up early with no snooze button to pull me behind and then do a powerful yoga and meditation therapy.

2. To complete the unopened pages : 

Phew ... very sad I could not even touch few books which I daily think to start for reading. So in those 7 days I would definitely be completing many of them.

3. To give time to my passion : 

Ahh ... Another frustrating and heart breaking emotion is to not give enough time for practicing dance. As 7 days excluded all gadgets so I can think that for 7 days I will be unemployed too as my eyes, hands do play with Computer only. "Sapna dekhne main no buraai". Yes then in those 7 days I will give my most of the time to it. ** Tadda **  

4. To cook and eat like crazy monster : 

Bu ha ha ha .... There is nothing better than feeling like a great chef. In those seven days I would open the recipe book of Bela dey and would love to try all the new stuffs and then eat with family like a hungry chap.

5. To write : 

Yes I wish I could update my blog daily. But in dream also I would get 7 straight days then why not giving time to MySpace ??  

Though I try to do all of these whenever I get free time, but 7 days without having all technical stuffs are like dream now. They have become such an integral part in our life. If we want too, we can not. But then again .. Sapne dekhne main kya buraai ??

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  1. nice post and beautiful blog...your most welcome to my blog ..

  2. Nice post, indeed we get time to do a lot of things when we live beyond the digital.


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