Friday, 8 August 2014

Paint me there !!

I love painters. Since childhood I always wondered how magical their hands are. Those people are truly blessed who paint and express their muse, thoughts and create something so supernatural, sometimes real and magical with their imagination power. I love colors and thus any painter's creative art makes me happy and thoughtful and there Raja Ravi Varma comes .. As his sense of Indian Oil Painting attracts me so much.. His every creation depicts some nostalgia and old Indian living style. They are erotic and sensuous too and today just saw that Rang Rasiya is going to release !! umm !! Let's wait because I really would love to know the root and causes of each paintings... God knows what is going to happen in there ?

"Thought to be a little thoughtful and this came up "

I want to be your strokes of brush
I want to be your lines of fine arts
I want you to capture me 
with the elegant rapture

I want you to stop the moment 
forever and forever
I want you to make me still
with your palette and colors of love

sprinkle colors on me
pour me life
and paint my heart
paint my love !! 

this one says so much isn't it ? Her eyes are so expressive

this recent video  is so good !! I love it

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