Friday, 15 August 2014

I made them cry ..

After a month I think again I am penning on Indispire topic. Today found a very sensitive topic which is 

When was the last time that you did something good for others and that brought a genuine smile at your face?

And it is better to read the posts under this topic rather than sharing. Because it is really good to listen who had done what which pleased the own spirit. 

So when I read the topic, only one deed came into my mind which made me smile and made the others cry. Don't panic. I am not that cruel to make other pained to cry.

In this short span of life, I might have done good to others and might have helped others in many ways. Those incidents too made me smile several times. But today which I am going to write about, made me feel so pure from inside. I didn't do anything physically, neither I did some social work with my hands but I just wrote an article.

The article was about Ex-Soldiers and their sacrifices to our country and about how negligible they are in our civilian society. I wrote it in this blog and later on that article was chosen by Indian Ex-Servicemen League Kolkata district unit for their annual souvenir. I was glad that it was chosen and then got published. Happiness touched my soul only when I heard that many of the old veterans cried after reading it. I was happy that I could touch their emotions of sacrifices which they did during their youngish days. Thus I made them cry and trust me that day will be remembered in my life forever. I might not have done something helpful for them, I think this was an emotional small deed from me to upraise their pride a little bit, to cover up the negligence they had gotten before. 

and it made me smile with immense satisfaction.

My published post is here.

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