Thursday, 22 May 2014

The heavenly ENCOUNTER

Dear Virat Kohli,

                           Ahh... Today is 22nd May, 2014 and probably the day I will remember forever in my life. Because I saw you today alive... from this much of distance .. I am thrilled.. Jersey no 18 was what I was ogling around. Dear, I don't how many times I dreamed of you, and after booking the ticket I even dreamed you practicing in the match ground.. Huh !! and so many more.

                       Today when you started doing the fielding over the ground, I was wishing you to come to our side so that I could see you from near. God listened. You came and then you just stood beside my block ! and there I flew like a kite and reached you.. You were standing there.. Then few crazy people like me shouted together .. and you turned around.. You waved hands .. and I was dead there !!

                    Many people teased me as I was cheering for KKR and then was shouting at your name, and inked your name on my face... Who cares !! True fascination doesn't know any compromise. I didn't bother. But yes many people around me helped me out too to find you in the ground. Probably they too were shocked to see my madness on you.

                Issh !! I wish Eden garden would allow me to take camera inside !! :'( don't have proper picture of yours ☺ But you played very well ☺ and I am so happy today ☺☺

              Love you ♥♥♥

Your one true lover and fan

P.S this letter is just an outcome of fantasy.. Not be mixed up with reality .. LOL


my best friend and my companion .. I am very glad that
I could show her this match as last time she missed !!

Feeling bad for her as she could not see SRK today :'(
he just didn't come :'(

You were there !! but the policeman disturbed me and my hands shook :'(

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