Sunday, 11 May 2014

Faded Rain

Rain has come again
to retain
after prolonged thoughtful days 
No..I am not running either,
to catch the chilled droplets 

Neither do I jump along 
nor do I have the scarf
which I held before, 
and your face !! that is faded 
I can't see the same smile anymore

I open the umbrella
to not be in touch with  you
fortify myself and stand under the shed
and just watch you

No feelings poke my heart
no rapture pleases my soul
I wish you don't disfigure 
this Summer
as I live in this bright colorful bliss of pleasure

Good Bye my Faded Rain

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  1. Nice one Debarati..rain comes alive in your lines... :-)

    1. Thank you :) :) Maniparna !! Keep reading my blog if you get some time :)

  2. awesome...amalgamation of words expressing thoughts,,,,keep it up..:)


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