Monday, 10 March 2014

Ocean is blue, waves are white ... a blissful delight

Sea sand and sand of dunes are the most loved spaces for me. So when I was asked, I could never say no to that. This weekend was unexpectedly happiest short vacation in my life. I loved spending my each seconds near the sea of Digha and hear the sounds of ocean waves for day and night, playing with water for around two hours, walking over the sand thoroughly by the beach from one side to another in early silent less crowded morning. ahhh !! 

I walk over the sand,
leave my footprint behind...
look at the newly awakening sun,
that rains its own reflection...
hear the sounds of restless waves,
that kiss my feet with a silent grace...
wash away my skin with a splash,
I feel shy and blush...

It came , touched, washed my feet and floated back again !! 

Old Digha Sea Beach

Nothing is better than sitting beside the water and
seeing others enjoying it

lovely isn't it ?


It was awesome

Layers and Layers 

Paperdoll !!

Evening at New Digha Beach

♫ "I stand beside my own reflection "... LP

Morning 6:30 at Old Digha

Beautiful art of Nature

Serene and peaceful 

Old Digha

Old Digha Beach

When one meets another


Bubbling crab

Open sky meets horizon

I stayed 

New digha... So colorful isn't it ?

It was very cute 

Hail the friendship 

Breakfast view 

Garam chai ki pyaali ho ♫ tang tang tang ♫

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  1. in luv wid pics ^_^ beautiful :)

    1. Pleasure dear !! Hey why don't you come and visit this place ?


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