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Astanayika ... Khandita Nayika

Many of us know and many don't. Asthanayika in Natyasashtra are an integral part of Indian Classical dance and music. Saint Bharat depicted eight mental and emotional states a woman can have. All the states belong to being in romance and love. Ashtanayika is an integral part of Abhinaya in various Indian classical dance forms and it has been used in many portrait, wall art, sculpture as theme. 

I should ask prior apology for what I am going to do. I am not here to poke or hurt anyone's sentiments those who are very much involved with Natyasastra as I am a devotee of Indian classical dance and worshiper of it. Somehow after getting indulged into Abhinaya especially 'Khandita Nayika' I finished reading other seven Nayikas too. I realized that we women are ocean of sentiments and secrets. We pass through various emotional state while in love and relations. Sometimes we express but few times we don't. We suppress our grief in deepest level of heart and tolerate everything. These eight scenarios were true then and will be true universally for the rest of the time world can have. So suddenly I thought to write few poems based on the same concept one can have.

Mercy please !!  this try is just a form of expressing my influence...

Khandita Nayika
one enraged with her lover ]

Long night I waited for you,
lit the light of hope and hue..
with desire and aspiration,
to meet my soul's eternal connection..
Yes last night I was waiting for you,
but how could you ?

(small pause)

Halting at the balcony,
with excitement and agony..
I was searching for your shadow,
to knock the door
of my heart core...


You promised me right,
to spend the rest of the night ..
under the calm and serene moonlight?
Oh! God
my foolish thought
deceived me to believe
the harsh truth, the real fuzz
with the shocking grief.

(long pause)

How could you break my trust 
& cover me with the painful crust ?
How could you break your words
& bring out my hidden and lost tears ?


Was she beautiful than me in yellow moonlight?
Did she talk sweeter than me for the whole night?
Did she make you happier that I do?
Tell me now, I won't mind it too.

(Breaking down)

Oh ! God how could you ???

( ... Silence ... )

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written on 5th March,2014

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