Friday, 16 November 2012

Sweeter than " Barfi "

                                                     Sweeter than " Barfi "

It's  "Barfi " the movie which I am talking about..according to me it is much sweeter than having a real Barfi .. The pleasure which this movie has given me can't be experienced by having a Barfi.. Hmmm I am not here to write any kind of film review or to criticise like any critics... I am just going to express my opinion .. 

When the movie released I could not make my time out to watch this movie.... I missed watching it in theatre which it deserves to be watched... Though at last yesterday watched it in home itself... and for 2.30 hrs. I was feeling like I was in the world of innocence which we all people do miss in this so called civilized all reviews it was written that this movie leaves a big fingerprint of sweetness and makes us smile while crying..and definitely its true..I was laughing while I had tears on my eyes .. And definitely these all credits go to the lead actors Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra and definitely Mr.Basu ... Mr .Anurag Basu... Hats off !! to his direction and his power of imagination ... all love stories don't need good looking heroine,dashing hero and intimate scenes... few love stories happen to be so true and innocent only by exchanging two souls... and this movie has portrayed this so beautifully... A pure love story which has no sorrows,no pain,no tension has only love and care for each other... Love needs to be expressed through the expressions not by words... A deaf ,dumb boy and an autistic girl and their love story with full of life and colours has left colours and simplicity in my heart too ☺... catching Butterfly,playing with bubbles,firefly,playing hide and seek ... origami birds , Chhou dancers,masks these small instances were so heart touching ... I wonder why our life can't be so simple as they were having...and hardly we can find someone like "Murphy/Barfi"... naughty,humble and a perfect Bindas,happy go lucky character who makes other people happy by his ridiculous activities... Who hides all his pain beneath his big smile...and stands so confident ... hard right ??

And at last have to say few lines about the crew members... Hats off !! to Anurag Basu again for creating a miracle with a half silence movie and for writing this story...Another good point of this movie was the positive attitude...two handicapped people were not being shown as the people to have pitty on them every-time... They were as equal as others... their weaknesses were their beneficiary points to each other... now let me come to those brilliant actors of this era ... Ranbir Kapoor... He has again proved that he can portrait all kind of characters only with expressions...It was like the character barfi was made for him only...he did the judgemental acting for his different looks throughout the movie and his typical style of brushing his hair and pronouncing his name as "BB--arfi" were speechless .... Now my favourite Sweet cute doll like Jhilmil Chatterjee ... Priyanka Chopra... I am already a biggg fan of her but never imagined that she could act this much brilliant ... The stylish,smart,dare to bare,hot Priyanka Chopra was so innocent as Jhilmil..her actions brought tears every time and smile too with her sweet smile... her jumps,her looks,her style of talking was so sensitive as well as so baby type that I was feeling to cuddle her ... her dialogue " hasso matt " her dance with chhou dancers were so so good ... thing I can assure that after this movie my respect towards Priyanka and her talent have increased one more level up... and it would be so unfair if I don't praise Sruti .... Illeana D'Cruze ..she did total justice to her character too...Sruti's commitment to her love and her sacrifice was incomparable...Next have to say about Music Director Pritam ..her background score and songs were so soothing and naturally beautiful... the Lyrics of those songs did proper justice to all situations...That's all I  had to express ... What else should I write ... I am speechless now... Just A big Thanks to Anurag Basu for this movie and my best wishes are with this movie to bag more and more awards... Fingers are crossed ... for OSCAR..

This is called actually HAPPY MARRIAGE right ??

                                                                                                                  ©Debarati Datta

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