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Mohaloya... The beginning of DEVIPAKSHA

                                                       Mohaloya... The beginning of DEVIPAKSHA

Today is "Mohaloya"... The first day of Devipaksha..The formal beginning of Durga Puja..the most awaited festival of Bengalis.It's the day when Ma Durga arrives on Earth and stays for 10 days long at her mother's home.It is the end of Pitripaksha when all the bengalis do "tarpan"(recalls their ancestors in a holy manner near Ganges and offers respect and prayer) early morning.

As the day comes we,the "Bangalis" start our counting as Prothoma,Dwitiya,Tritiya and so on upto Dashami.. The auspicious day starts with the holy chants of BirendraKrishna Bhadra's Mahisasuramardini ( An Early Programme which used to ger AIRed on Radio Aakashbani .to know more on this topic,read this .).All the Bengalis wake up at 4 am and start listening to this programme.From decades past it has been a tradition to have ears on the radio at early morning over all Bengal.

my Mohaloya from childhood till present :

Day by day everything changes but the excitement of mine for this festival has still not changed.I still remember during childhood,my mother used to call me up early morning 4 o'clock just to activate my ears on radio to listen the Mahisasurmardini Radio Telecast..Though that was recorded too..I was not fortunate enough to have the LIVE BirendraKrishnaBhadra's telecast.Heard more about it from my mother.But really was kid and didn't used to get interest on the radio version.Rather than that used to like the T.V Programme where the total story of Devipaksha,Basanti Puja and how durga puja got famous in Bengal,Mahisasur Vadh used to get telecasted.In each and every year,different actresses  used to act as Durga on T.V..Once Hema Malini acted also... and now also it's the same.Now it's 12.00 am and I will get up at just 4 am to listen the holy,golden stotra path of the BirendraKrishnaBhadra and will sooth my mind with "Bajlo Tomar lor Benu.

readers you can have eyes over this video of Hema Malini .

Once again would like to wish all my blog readers "Subho Mohaloyar priti o Subhechha"

                                                                                                                          ©Debarati Datta

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