Monday, 20 August 2012

Oh !! Mother

                                                                            Oh !! Mother

" Mother ... (Ma) " who we can't define in anyway.. From childhood I have shared a great bonding with my mother.She was my first teacher and went on being like that throughout my school life..I was naughty enough to torture,annoy her every time..She has been my friend,philosopher and guide all over the years..But the tragedy happened when for the first time I went far away from her for 4 long years during my college days..Days and Sights she called me up to make me feel that she was all along with me ... Sometimes it happens that we,children find our mother's advice so annoying and boring as they always poke us and warn us for every thing..It happened and still sometimes happens with me too.. But the later time when We think and realize the fact we get them right.. Mother's are mothers..they can easily know our emotions,our feeling though we hide that from them..They laugh when we are happy, they cry when we are sad.. They are Mothers... the living Goddess of Earth ... I love you ma.

Oh !! Mother
I am writing you this poetic letter
to open up my bundle of thoughts
which I feel every time whether u r near or not
but can not express right in front ..
Thus this is the only way, I have found out
which actually can not come out of my mouth
you may feel surprised after reading this
I hope you will like it,but it's a humble request
NO tears please !!!

Twenty Three years and nine pre months
you have kept me beneath your shadow and your warmth
That is really hard to describe either by expression or by any terms...
Mother's are just another portrait of Goddess
Thus you were,you are and will be always..
From being the introducer to the Teacher
Every time I have got you as my guide,friend and philosopher..
I still remember my school days
when you used to manage every single duties
as a working woman and as an home maker in several ways..
Whomever I am today,
 is just your struggle and your shadow of  magical ray..

Oh !! mother
I still remember
the day when you first took me to school...
you were standing outside telling me to not cry
while they were taking me in .. away from you ...
I dwell upon the days when my exam results used to come out
I used to be scared and feared much to ask you again and again
"Ma What Will Happen ??? "
You were the one to hold my hands and smile at my face without showing the lines of doubt..

Hats off !! to you and your dedication
that you have been spending on me without any expectation
I fought with you and annoyed you over time to time
But Mother !!! you didn't bother
to come across and make me feel better..
I love the way you cuddle up with me
when I sleep too deep
can feel the way you call me up
with love and anguish ..

Oh!! mother
there are plenty of memories to gather
which will not end up here ..
All these are stitched in their own way
right bottom of my heart
which can never fade and never go apart..
I was your small girl 
would like to be the same forever...
Last words which I would like to share
with the strike of  a soft touch 
that I LOVE YOU so much 

                                                                                                                   ©Debarati Datta


  1. That is so sweet and tender of you! A beautiful poem a most beautifullest thought.

    Loved it!

    Pages Off Life

  2. I wish I could have express myself like this :)


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