Thursday, 26 April 2012



" LOVE"..a lovely word in world I can say... And very common though ..  Think friends if the name "love" would not be "love" then ?? ;) sorry for cracking jokes over here..

Let's write about "What is Love" ???


For me Love is the world's beautiful feeling.. love is about caring for someone,love is - to get worried for someone ,Love is - to give all the happiness , taking all the sorrows , love is - to sacrifice , love is - to forgive , love is - to respect , love is - to support , love is - to miss someone when not with you...

Love is mother's care to her children , Father's advice to his children , Love is a brother-sister fight,Love is fighting for dresses between sisters ,love is a sweet-tight hug from lover,love is to disturb and tease friends ..

Love is - to give surprise to see a little smile on your loved one's face.
Love is - to cook and feed by your own hands to whom you love.
Love is - to have fun together.
Love is - to ask your mother for a sleep on her lap.
Love is - to demand something from you father.
Love is - to make laugh when your friend is sad.
Love is - to hold hands when your loved person is tensed and scared for something.
Love is - to make your lover jealous.
Love is - a sweet kiss on your forehead from your husband before sleep.
Love is - about the tears which comes out when your sister gets married and goes away.
Love is - to see your lover while he/she sleeps.
Love is - to respect parents,stand beside them when they need you at their old age.
Love is - LOVE...

                                                                                                                  ©Debarati Datta


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