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Death,then What happens next ???

                                                               Death,then What happens next ???

I know it's quite weird and controversial topic which I am going to write about....But It's true that  I always had a hidden curiosity on this topic and  wanted to know what actually happens next after death of a living ??? Researched a lot,read few blogs ,books(not only the horror children story books ),topics on these but really couldn't get to know the truth..It's a mystery for me now.. I know many of you , if starting to read this post also will leave .. If don't like then don't read .. not a big deal...

I am going to write What I actually feel about this... What I think about this.It may not be the truth.... It's just what I feel.....

Hell and Heaven ........ Most of us believe that after death , souls either go to heaven or hell..according to their deeds ..But no one knows what actually happens ?? Hell and Heaven .... do they exist also ??? I am not trying to oppose this..If talking about this then the concepts of spirits and ghosts must come.. It's not very much uncommon to listen some real haunted stories either in paper or news whatever.. few doesn't believe,few does... Neither I had any encounter with ghosts nor I am writing about any stories related to this...But yes this  topic attracts me towards it...  We people of all religions do few formalities which has to be done after death..for what ?? for d peace of souls....if they have to go to Hell or Heaven then Where is it ??? Is it really like what we have read or seen in books and movies respectively ???? Heaven is beyond the sky and Hell is under the earth-ground ??? or there is some different world where souls reside and tries to communicate with the livings ??? So many questions are arising in my mind...I mean it arises always....but hard to get the answer..

I do believe in spirits ...not the "typical ghosts"  like of horror movies or stories...What I believe is that there are spirits ..souls.. around us...which neither can harm the livings nor communicate directly with them..
I am a deep believer of God..I believe in Spirits too.. Those who don't believe in Gods,will not have faith in these topics too... Those may think it as rubbish... But if we think it in the basis of science then things won't be much rubbish and disgusting..

Energy.... according to Science neither energy can be created nor can be of two types too..Positive and Negative energy...if talking about positive and negative energy..We can relate it as.....God = Positive energy and Spirits = negative energy...
now one simple example.. there is black so that we can recognize the colour White... 
So it's very much obvious that positive wouldn't be positive if there were no negative.....Souls are nothing but   a form of energy..Which can not be destroyed ever..So Where does this energy go after Death ???? this energies find the proper medium to reside or communicate.... In TV or few story books we get few indications of spirits.. Like oscillation of radio frequency , blinking bulbs etc.. But I don't get them much disgusting or fake...We the human can only hear the sounds of 20Hz-20kHz...not less or more than this range...May be ..the spirits or souls whatever it is, resides in some other frequency range..i.e. of infrasonic.. less than our frequency range...and when they want to communicate then radio (which resides in between 3kHz-300GHz) or other frequency related devices start oscillating (may be) due to some frequency interference.........Whereas in bulb or light matter...A.C electric field pulses in frequency range of 10Hz-600kHz...may be here also same interference happens and bulbs,lights start blinking... It's totally my point of view and I am not trying to prove any kind of statement and solve few physics equation... I am far far away from this..

planchette .. a very common word amongst us..Most of us have seen it in movies,few experienced it in real..(not me).So For what we do it ?? to call the souls who are residing in their world in peace or in rage... to communicate with them via some medium .... sometimes we have seen the medium as one of the member or other objects such as coin or anything else..So here also spirits need medium...They can't communicate with us directly..

And I believe in this too... that if someone is near to you...with closed eyes also you can feel it...This happens with everyone.If some one says no I won't believe ... I have heard that when someone stares at you continuously, energy flows..which effects you to realize.. not for only spirits but if someone (human being) looks at you(staring type) you get to know that..So It happened with me so many times .. at midnight while roaming in the terrace of my college I felt it so many my ex-house felt it often at night...and if it's about negative vibes  then I have many experiences by which I could feel something strange.

Have you ever smelt some sweet fragrance when there is no such source to get it or some bad,vibrant,pungent smell when there is no source of it too ??? I did.. I didn't have any logic behind it.Used to get it frequently the sweet one...suddenly once in an article got to know about this matter..have read that sweet fragrance indicates good souls and the bad one indicated bad souls...Don't know what is the truth but the way I got the smell was really strange..and another incident which really made me to think of it deeply was my college incident .... No one could judge that ..for one or two times we can consider it to be a natural incident.But for continuously 6-7 deaths ??? is it normal ??? the common phenomenon was  "only guys"... Don't know what it used to be actually but the power of negativity could be felt by all.....

Have read in one article once that after death ,the souls/spirits can't leave this world especially their loved ones and lovable things... They often come to visit their place,look after their loved ones and tries to follow them...and if the death is caused by any sudden accident then it takes time to make them realize that they are really dead.. really strange and too deep topic to think about it..

Have expressed whatever I feel about it....But it doesn't mean that I have found the answer of my post title - What happens after Death ?????

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