Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Well these illustrations will make any Dancers happy

My passion for Dance is not a new thing to know for those who follow me on Blogger, Facebook or Instagram. True that, if someone asks me what I love doing most, then that is to Dance. Anything related to it excites me. Be it the practice at class, or performing on stage or listening to the bols or remembering steps or watching someone performing on stage or reading anything about Dance .. Today on Facebook I have found few illustrations made by Graphic Designer and a Bharatnatyam Dancer / Teacher Akshay Ayre and they made me so so happy that I could not resist myself from writing on my blog. Thought to share it through all of you and I am sure you would love it.

The album is called as Bharatnatyam Diaries .The illustrations are cute and they speak so much that any dancers would relate to it .. :-)


Thanks to our Ancestors, Gurus, Vidwaans, Rishis & Munis, for defining so much, so well, in just two lines of a Sanskruta Shlokam...THE TEN ESSENTIAL QUALITIES OF A DANCER ! :-)

I loved each of these graphics. Dance is the language of soul and for me Dance is life 

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