Monday, 26 December 2016

Dhakkad Dangal - This is what I call Women Empowerment

Well, this one was the best end of Bollywood reels of this year I can say. It is been months I have left writing review hence this is also not a movie review. Dangal was not only a movie but a educative slap to all those male chauvinists and to all those creepy women who define feminism in some utter bullshit .. Even I was unaware of Mahavir Singh Phogat & his struggle to make his daughters to shine bright like diamonds. When I first saw the trailer, I knew this was going to be a Dhakkad movie. I googled and was overwhelmed by the culture Mahavir Singh Phogat had in his mind. In spite of hailing from Haryana, a state where honor killing ratio and female foeticide ratio is higher, he had the guts and bravery in him to bring out his two daughters in wrestling. His struggle to polish up his daughters are out of imagination.While watching the movie, I was awestruck. Imagine in real how they had done this all. I hope, all the parents who think having a girl child is like a burden and marriage is the ultimate goal to complete a womanhood will get some lesson from this & at last but not the least, to those women who  yell about Feminism and demand their rights verbally or over social media but in reality love to own husbands identity, money and wealth like selfish cats, please do something useful and grow as a better version of yourself. Better yourself day by day. Feminism and Women empowerment is not only about yelling against men, it is about yelling against what you can't do and what you have to do ... 

P.S one thing I would love to say here  - apart from the topic feminism, in each and every scenes whenever I was seeing Amir Khan was living his heart out to teach his students the best, I could see two faces. One, my parents and Two, my dance teacher. It is true, no one can succeed without a proper trainer. My parents, for whom I have got all the enthusiasm to indulge myself in different activities and to live my life in my own terms without having to listen about Marriage and secondly, my dance teacher for whom in last 6 years I have learned a lot, lot and lot. Starting from Odissi to growing interest in Yoga, from gaining patience and dedication towards something and of course to never say No to anything because she made me believe, everything is possible if we want to do .. Many a times, I told I can't do this. She immediately replied, you can .. I don't know anything else. You have to and I think that helped me a lot personally too. Love and Respect for the real Mahavir Singh Phogat, Geeta & Babita Phogat, to the crew of Dangal (tremendous effort by the four girls - kudos) and My parents and My madam.

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