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Raghurajpur Village - Where Art speaks more than words

Last week I went to Odisha for a small weekend trip with my school friends. Though our main intention was to pay a visit to Lord Jagannath and spend most time at Puri, still we found out time to explore such a beautiful village named Raghurajpur. The day before our journey from Kolkata, I searched the nearby places of Puri, and I got this name. This name was not purely unknown to me as I read it in book long time ago as the birth place of Guru Sri Kelucharan Mahapatra. So while surfing trip advisor and after reading the reviews of the place, I  made a wish to visit the place even my friends did too. Thankfully we went there and guess what, the place was even more beautiful than I read in review. You can hire auto from Puri auto stand and then ask the driver to take you to Raghurajpur village. It is about 30 mins from Puri. It will take you via Atharnala Bridge which was made by Bhanu Deva of Ganga dynasty on River Muthiya in 13th century. 

I could not click picture as the auto
was running very fast. Thus sharing this picture
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Can you imagine a place where everyone, like every single one only practices ART. Be it oldest member of the family or the youngest. Even the housewives don't sit idle there, they create something, innovate some arts, paint all along with love and much patience. Each and every house is decorated with bright colors which can definitely pull your mind towards them and also those very very very sharp art work would pause your mind for a while and then will make you think about their talents. There were 120 homes in that village and as I said earlier everyone out there respects art and practice the same, so if some tourists arrive at the village it is obvious to see them inviting at their home so that some of their art works get sold off. But yes that can be a bit annoying too if you have very less time, so bag a bit time and then spend there and of course have your moneybag full because if you love art and can feel it, you would surely buy much. But yes as I didn't find any ATM nearby so keep cash handy.

On the way to Raghurajpur Village

Some temple on the way

Dashavatar - my fav Krishnakatha

Raas leela

This artist was demonstrating his needle art

Eventually you will roll your eyes

Wherever you see, Krishna is there

Even walls can smell the paint

She just gave her 10th Exam and rather than sitting idle, see how
she is managing her time . Lovely na ? 

Sadly... Guru Keulcharan Mahapatra's home at Raghurajpur Village

Everyone loves doing ART

see even here.

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