Friday, 27 February 2015

Who is responsible ?

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For past few days one post of MENXP is getting circulated over the web and that is about how we (women) should react in public. The post is useful and really talks about the agony a man suffers  from.

Yes I agree not all men are molesters, not all of them are rapists. Not all uncles try to touch our body or our private parts. Not all chokras tease us and still we women give a cold stare to men who accidentally get in touch with us physically in public places. In buses, metros, trains or any public market it happens that suddenly a man and a woman collide in a such bad condition that apparently it seems that the guy did it intentionally and meanwhile women do respond badly either with facial expression or via some verbal throw.

It happened with me too many times and I see it happening daily with some XYZ trespassers in railway platform, auto stand. Few aunties react badly, few understand and let them go.

Now from a women's perspective I would like to say one thing. I am not being biased though. Men and Women both are two faces of mankind. We both are human. Yes I agree that we differ from mental and biographical ways but is it not annoying to get stalked by the other part of mankind in such a bad way. Forget about womanhood. Would any living beings like to get touched by some unknown? Even a cat or a dog gets annoyed if we play inhumanly with them. But this inhuman tasks have been happening for long times. Now the post which claimed us to not give cold stare to them if their bag suddenly brushes our body or if they suddenly touch us in unusual way. But our(women's) psychology has become like that. We unconsciously suffer from insecurity of being molested or being insulted in public place. It is like being alarmed every time. So if a innocent boy falls upon us or keeps their hand over ours to hold the handle in metro too, we first face the feeling of discomfort. Because molestation has happened for each and every woman. Ask a woman or find a woman who will disagree or proudly state that "yes I have never had such experience". It will be hardest work.

So who is responsible for that ? Can anyone change our insecurity problem ? 

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