Monday, 1 September 2014

will blossom in the dawn...

Hi everyone !! Hope you all are doing well. After a prolonged time I am blogging again.. Really my timing is so bad. Tagore has been my inspiration since childhood. His songs and his creations are alive always. It can be related in every emotions a person goes through.Today I was listening to Na Chahile Jare Pawa Jaye.. ♫♫ The song of love and detachment.. So thought to write some lines with my own mind based on the same meaning which Tagore sculpted in his poetry.

The person who came to me without my wish
The person who came to me when I sacrificed
have been lost in somewhere in the daylight
though alive in my midnight
His words will echo around the stars
will blossom in the dawn..

My heart will not see him, neither touch him
rather will merge its reflection with his naked soul
and will be awake..

He is the one for whom I shed many tears
and they float over the tunes of hundred musical fragrance 
in my song, withing my flutters
they flash and that is what matters
They lie behind my calm and serene smile
alive in my both eyes....

Portrait by Tagore

Here is the original song sung by Mrs. Indrani Sen

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  1. Tagore's songs are my every mood..especially love this one..


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