Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Summer Connection...Why do I love Summer so much ???

                             My Summer Connection...Why do I love Summer so much ???

Hardly I find anyone who likes Summer..LOL.Whenever anyone asks me "Which is you favourite season"..I smile and say "It's Summer"..most of the times I get to see the same reaction and expression..followed by these few words "How ?? Euuuu .... What ? "... It's not true that I haven't found anyone like me.But very few.

Summer and me ...

I guess the first connection which connects me to feel the summer is my summer baby issue .... My ma says me so ..The day I was born was a hot sunny day of May and had above 40 degree temperature..

The things which I still enjoy in Summer ...


Much grown up now and obviously miss my childhood days during this season..How can anyone forget about summer vacations ?? Like all whenever I think of past days I just love it..My summer holidays used to be of so much fun..I was very naughty and playful.I still remember during class 2-7 never finished summer tasks of school.Always used to play and go here and there.During 2-4 standard used to have one gang where I was the youngest member.My didibhai (Elder sister) was a senior member in that gang.Now you people can imagine the average age of that gang members..We used to play hide and seek,gali cricket, and few more kiddish games for two times.One at evening 4-6 PM and another round used to be around 8-9 PM in our locality..Really I miss those days.But now summer does not give any holidays.So can not enjoy the summer at home. 


When it's summer I should  mention the list of my favourite fruits..Yummmmmmmmy ... I love all summer fruits .Mangoes(aam) chahe kaccha ho ya pakka koi farq nahi parta...Jambul,Jack fruits,Lichi..Yummm...In bengali we say aam jaaam kathal lichu... And you know guys What is actually exciting for me ?? the way of enjoying these fruits... If its kacha aam then best way to enjoy this is to grade it into small slices and mix it with spicy chillies and this khatti mithi taste is awesome... You know guys my mouth is watering now.In West Bengal we call it as aam makha which can be also called as Mango salad.
and ripe mango is really yummilicious...

                                                                    Mango Salad( aam makha )


love thses fruits....

Evening Walkout

I just love to have a walk at summer evening.In sweaty tacky hot weather when you get touched by the light winds how do u feel ?? I feel just awesome... and during summer the first rain ??? just can not define... 

Playing with Water

Summer = the perfect time to play with water..Boundlessly play with water,Who will scold you ?? no one... 

Ice Ice Baby

Summer means have to have lots of ice creams,Ice cubes and all chilled drinks...Just loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it...

because of these reasons I love summer and wait for summer to come in the whole year....So guys !! after reading this if anyone gets the same feeling about summer... then please do comment and share your experience during summer :)

                                                                                                                         ©Debarati Datta

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